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On these pages I share my insights and writing. I am passionate about energy, spiritual philosophy and well-being – and view change and discomfort as wonderful opportunities to discover increased joy, wisdom, balance and love. Life has great meaning, and when we can see challenges also as blessings, all manner of wonders unfold.

My life changed dramatically in 2011, when I was diagnosed with an aggressive and fairly advanced cancer. I was working hard - in fashion and media, running small and medium-sized businesses. It was demanding and I was unrelenting. My son was 6 years old and my husband and I had not long separated. My heart and soul had been set aside, and I was running on empty. It was, I could see with hindsight, perfect timing.

What happened on that day was not the pre-telling of the end of my life, but the beginning of it. For in the moment of being told I had cancer, I came alive. Everything changed as my world opened before me.

The months and years following my awakening moment have captivated me beyond belief. It has been both a slow and sudden process. There was lots to release, and equal amounts to discover and accept. I have become deeply intuitive, more connected – both to Spirit and people – and in awe at the bigger picture. We live in unsettling yet exciting times. Healing, understanding, peace and love are becoming more accessible and increasingly, more valuable. We can access joy, the equanimity of neutrality, and a deeper presence. These are all available to us when we learn how to trust our bodies and enjoy our minds.

Whilst my particular awakening experiences centered around healing from and beyond cancer and exploring and understanding the physical, emotional, energetic and mental aspects of wellness (what I refer to as The Four Bodies and consider as integral components, individually and collectively, for whole-body wellness), we each have our unique and, from what I have come to understand, equally impactful ‘introduction’ to ourselves.

It is this journey to greater well-being, not just for us individually, but as a society, which captures me now. In my work as a Spiritual Mentor and Energy Practitioner I help clients untangle and awaken to their spirit and truth - to understand what is theirs and what is not. In releasing unhelpful and outdated energies, and introducing subtle yet profound adjustments, we work together to enable inner alignment, clarity and a greater sense of fulfillment. We create practical change and transformation.

As we grow into ourselves we come to realise that all the support, comfort and encouragement we need is within us. We become able to expand into greater love, and to make choices which fuel rather than deplete us. Life, work, pleasure -  all become heartfelt and inspiring. It is possible; it can be done.

This is a collective journey we are on. Let’s enjoy the creativity, greater knowledge, beauty and joy available to us all.

If you would like to connect, I would love to hear from you.

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If you would like to discover how we might work together, please click HERE for details and prices.

I offer Spiritual Mentoring and Energy Awareness Sessions and Workshops, I work privately and in the corporate sector. Within the work I do, I bring awareness to what your body wishes to share with you - the energies it wishes to release and the hidden secrets that you can discover the expanded spirit of who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Delilah's experience includes working as a Professional Coach, a Medical Coach (both with International Coach Federation approved qualification), a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Energy Practitioner.

She offers a limited amount of private sessions, in person (London/Dorset, UK) or by Skype and is available for corporate work and talks upon request.



“Delilah gives me something I get from no-one else - conversations that explore deep underlying truths about life and living, in ways that leave me feeling inspired and richer for the experience.”

”She feeds my spirit in a way which invites me to challenge previous ways of viewing the world in general and my life in particular. I find her both grounding and uplifting, which seems paradoxical but - trust me! - isn’t.”
— Client A, Sussex
“Delilah is very easy to be around. It’s not just that she’s non-judgmental in her attitude and approach, which makes it feel safe to say what you think and be yourself. It’s that she has an aura of calmness that makes it easy to relax and dig down to what matters most.”
— Client A, London
“Delilah works intuitively and receives guidance from her guides. She also taps into your body’s responses and messages, which helps bring further insight into what is true for you..”
— Client R, London
“I’ve found her 1-to-1 sessions to be extraordinary. For someone like me, who has a tendency to be “in his head”, I’ve been amazed at how she can get me to drop down into my body and explore issues in different ways that yield surprising insights.”
— Client A, London

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