Delilah is a master energy practitioner – self-taught through her gift to connect with Spirit and the spiritual dimension within people she works with. Her training in mindfulness, meditation, coaching and specifically medical coaching provides a supportive whole-body/whole-life approach which enables access to deeper truths. Within all the work she does lies a depth and connection to the unfolding of her client’s path in life. She uncovers beliefs, blockages preventing movement, and releases energies of joy, love and acceptance amongst others – all done through guidance and discussion.


Since 2013 Delilah has been channelling written passages from her Spiritual Guides (the Greek philosopher Plato (427-348 BC), Wayne W. Dyer (1940-2015) and more recently, R.K., (an English novelist/writer of past). Included on this website, you will find:

  • The ‘Energy Index’ – a guide to self-healing of energetic ailments.

  • Her first book: The Teachings of Mr P.

  • The podcast “Downloads from Spirit” – a weekly short Q&A with her guides.

Delilah is currently working on new and exciting channelled projects.


Delilah is passionate about spiritual growth and harmony. At the core of all her teaching is the belief that within any challenge lies beauty, growth and the potential for more joy, love and understanding. She sees working with clients as an honour and privilege. Delilah works 1:1 privately and within organisations.


Delilah’s spiritual awakening happened as a result of her diagnosis, aged 41 of an aggressive and fairly advanced breast cancer. She describes it as ‘the moment she began living’ and is passionate about well-being and transitioning the fear and limitations of illness. She works with individuals and organisations such as The Fountain Centre to raise awareness of the possibilities within illness for our overall well-being.


Central to a whole and integrated life rests the ability to self-manage and decipher truth from incongruence. Understanding and managing our energies and the motivations of others, developing compassion, resilience and an open heart all contribute towards cultivating a free and awakened spirit.

Delilah, through her work and personal experience, has gathered – and has access to – much by way of tools, tips and guidance. On this website she freely shares her wisdom for developing self-trust, managing personal energy and cultivating spiritual awareness, and through workshops, she offers opportunity for greater integration and present-moment connection.


Delilah’s background is in fashion and media, and it was when facing of the approaching probable end of her life she discovered what truly mattered. Since her diagnosis in 2011 and subsequent healing, she has become increasingly drawn to the presence - and sheer simplicity - of Beauty which life offers. As a result of her connection in 2013 to her guides she has developed a love of philosophy, the meta-physical and the intricacies of a planet created by and of energy. She is passionate about offering solution – and healing – to an increasingly questioning society, believing in the power of neutrality and gratitude as a means of transition and well-being.

Delilah lives in London (UK) with her son and regularly travels to experience and share her work.


If you would like to explore working with Delilah, please click HERE for details and prices.

Delilah offers Spiritual Mentoring and Energy Awareness Sessions and Workshops, She work privately and in the corporate sector. Within the work she does, she brings awareness to what your body and subconscious wishes to share with you - the energies it wishes to release and the hidden secrets that you can discover the expanded spirit of who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Delilah's experience includes working as a Professional Coach, a Medical Coach (both with International Coach Federation approved qualification), a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Energy Practitioner.

She offers private sessions, in person (London/Dorset, UK) or by Skype and is available for corporate work and talks upon request.



“Delilah gives me something I get from no-one else - conversations that explore deep underlying truths about life and living, in ways that leave me feeling inspired and richer for the experience.”

”She feeds my spirit in a way which invites me to challenge previous ways of viewing the world in general and my life in particular. I find her both grounding and uplifting, which seems paradoxical but - trust me! - isn’t.”

— Client A, Sussex

“A fast track to freedom…Delilah's insight has been pivotal for me on numerous occasions. I have benefited enormously from the two energetic reading sessions I've had with her. She guided me through what essentially was a fast track straight through my emotions to the core essence of where my emotional issues were hidden deep within my body. She held space for me beautifully to feel those feelings, acknowledge them and get rid of them.”

— Client M, London

“The work I have done ( and continue to do) with Delilah is on another level. It sorts the wheat from the chaff. Delilah not only holds a space where I feel I can experience learning to let go, but, I have been seen and heard at the pace I need. She has an innate ability to sense when to gently nudge and when to just wait there with me when I don't 'know'. This gives me a great sense of peace and presence, and I feel there is a wisdom and support that follows long after the session. It is quite a gift in this life.”

— Client LL, London

“Delilah is very easy to be around. It’s not just that she’s non-judgmental in her attitude and approach, which makes it feel safe to say what you think and be yourself. It’s that she has an aura of calmness that makes it easy to relax and dig down to what matters most.”

“I’ve found her 1-to-1 sessions to be extraordinary. For someone like me, who has a tendency to be “in his head”, I’ve been amazed at how she can get me to drop down into my body and explore issues in different ways that yield surprising insights.”

— Client A, London

“I have worked with Delilah over several years, where we have focused on professional coaching as well as dealing with personal situations, such as grief. I always find it difficult finding words to describe Delilah… as a ‘mentor, coach, therapist, spiritual guide, counsellor....', none of these sound right, yet, Delilah manages to be 'all of these' and much more. The sessions have been one-on-one and have enabled me to regain a focus on my personal journey, having the confidence to live in the 'now' and most importantly, letting go of the obstacles along the way.”

— Client L, London


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