Tip #71

Tip #71: This week’s tip is to spend some time noting the architecture of your life - what are the habits, thoughts, beliefs  that are creating the subsequent architecture? What can now be dismantled and replaced by flow and freedom, and what would like developing and expanding? Where does the strength lie?

TIP #70

Tip #70: This week's tip is to introduce more completion (which involves letting go and acceptance). Completion is good - it sets the brain to rest and renewal. What little acts of mental, physical, emotional or energetic completion could you make today and each day this week? 

Tip #69

Tip #69: This week's tip is to stop and look. Notice the ground beneath your feet and, rather than look ahead or back, take a long look to the right and the left. We can be so busy rushing forward, we can miss what's around us. What, metaphorically do you see to the sides which you never noticed before? Take a 360 degree look around you...what do you notice?

Tip #68

Tip #68: This week's short tip is to check in more with your body. When faced with choices this week - however small they may be - ask yourself: 'What does my body think about that?' You will be surprised by the degree of response available. We don't necessarily need to take the advice, the awareness alone will influence unfolding choices...and hence reality. Remember...around 95% of our awareness is subconscious. Tap into it.

Tip #67

Tip #67: This week's tip is to keep to your lane. Eyes wide, head up, but in your own lane. This enables us to simultaneously let go and, without realizing, go faster. Not speed for speed's sake, but through alignment the energies flow more smoothly around and through us.

Tip #66

Tip #66:  This week's tip is to increase productivity - by aligning our truth to the day. Doing this, in just the smallest way, will create better flow. Increase thoughts, observations, feelings in line with what's true and inspiring for you - infiltrate your day with the energy, and you will experience greater flow and passage. Best of all, as the day closes, give thanks to this flow and the greater productivity, thus inviting it for tomorrow. Gratitude for what we enjoy creates more of it.

Tip #65

Tip #65:  This week's tip is to maximize your experience of life by letting go of identities. What identities do you consciously hold? And which have you adopted without perhaps realizing? Over time we can begin operating from our identities and not our true self. Let them go and make choices from who you really are on the inside. 

Tip #64

tip #64:  This week's tip is to consider what makes you tick. What is it which creates the impetus to live your days? Take this, in its simplest form,  and be with this for longer than you might usually rest with the knowing.  How can the 'knowing', rather than the words or action, fill your energy field? What is the effect this has?

Tip #63

Tip # 63: This week's tip is to be aware of areas in your life and thinking where you may have slipped into a fixed mindset. It's easily done. Our aim though, is to remain in a growth mindset. Doing something again because it still feels good or appropriate to needs is different to doing it 'without thinking' - without conscious fresh engagement. Each day, fresh energy - open to new options and possibilities. It shakes up the energies and creates more flow and rhythm. What could you do a little differently this week? 

Tip #62

Tip #62:  This week's short  tip is to connect with your passion. What makes you feel warm on the inside? It may be preparing nourishing food, cozy'ing up with a new book, spending time with a favourite person, exploring a project perhaps? Expand how this feels on the inside and allow it to connect with parallel energies on the outside. Observe your week from the place of this passion and see how it unfolds.

Tip #61

Tip #61:  This week's tip is to streamline. How can you bring together all the threads of your life? Where is it all heading...the common factor? Notice the energies around you and consciously bring in to your energy field all that's yours. Keep it simple, simple, simple. Allow the rest to be, to remain in the external. Now what's the essence of the streamlined flow? Connect with this.

Tip #60

Tip #60:  This week's short tip is to cultivate compassion. Whatever you are doing right now, stop, connect with your heart and ask yourself: "What would I benefit from being compassionate about right now?" Notice the response, and then ask: "What would benefit others for me to be compassionate about?" Notice how your body softens in response to this invitation. 

tip #59

Tip #59:  This week's tip is to OWN YOUR WORD. In bold, completely, and without recourse to yourself. Start small. Own your smallest thought, your lightest energy...and as a result, your greatest truth. Leave the indecision and what-if's to be and focus on what you DO know, however small that is. Own it, take it as yours, and then move on...to the next item to be owned. As you do so, notice how centered and grounded this makes you feel.

Tip #58

Tip #58:  This week's tip is to check in with your body (the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies) and to consider giving it a 'spring clean'. Think about how you might like to prepare your body for the life you want as opposed to the life you had. Be truthful with how you actually enjoy your body, and not how you may think you should. How could it be more comfortable, more able and more enjoyable? Inspire yourself to make the changes, making sure they are of the gentlest nature. Always gentle. It's so much wiser...

Tip #57

Tip #57:  This week's tip is to focus on grounding. Not just imagining your roots or cord going down to the centre of the earth, but expanding this to imagine a whole village grounding you: that beneath you, under each step you take, you are walking into a hidden support, mirroring your unfolding dreams and reality. Imagine you are standing or walking between the vision in your mind's eye and it's corresponding grounding energy 'beneath' you.

Tip #56

Tip #56: When we move with no agenda, we create ease in the body. This week's tip is to notice, more deeply, what is driving you and your reasons behind your actions. Release any 'agenda' energy and allow yourself to be creatively inspired forwards. Allow the vision to call you, rather than the agenda to push you.

Tip #55

Tip #55:  This week's tip is to give consideration to: what needs acknowledging today? Every so often we benefit from catching up with ourselves. Ask yourself: 'What do I know to be true today?' and for now, release the rest. See how this impacts your energy field and subtle bodies of thought-form. Some of these thought-forms may be ready to just go...

Tip #54

Tip #54: This week's tip is to uphold the intention, not the outcome. We are three weeks into a new year and the pace is quickening. With all things we do, we can find ourselves being pulled forward - out of ourself and falling into, or swept along by, our focus. The power in intention setting though is in keeping ourselves grounded within the intention. We may not always 'do' what we intended. This doesn't matter. What matters is to uphold the intention. It's where the power lies. Keep bringing yourself back to base and the key, of course, is to hold ourselves lightly.

Tip #53

Tip #53: Today's tip is to notice what we may be trying to control. It could be subtle or overt. Tune in to the intention behind the control, acknowledge it, and let it go. Extra-ordinary events - synchronistic or traumatic, and even when desired - can create a contraction. When something 'comes from no-where' we can find ourselves tightening our grip. 

Trying to control it doesn’t work – it’s vital to let it go and flow with it. What’s the awareness it brings? For me, as well as others? This observing of what unfolds shapes what is to come. Ask yourself: where would you love this experience to lead you to?

Tip #52

Tip #52:  This week's tip is to listen to your body. Not the old body, but who you are and what you're feeling today, in this moment. It's January, 2018 is underway, and what does your physical body think about this? Tune into it and ask it it's thoughts. Also tune into your emotional body, the aspect of you which has feelings and needs. And your mental body, what is it saying? Can you truly hear it? Lastly, become aware of your energetic body...if you listen really closely, what noise is it making, and what would it like more of?