Tip #88

Tip #88: This week’s short tip is to allow the best. Allow yourself to be the best version of yourself…and to receive the best. Wish the best for yourself and for others. It doesn’t need to cost any extra, or change what’s important…but it will inspire greater wellbeing and partaking, closing energy leakages in the process. Best of all, when we step up, we honour life itself…and this feels great.

Tip #87

Tip #87: This week's tip is to observe your daily practices. What are you doing and how are you doing them? Perhaps you have a meditation or exercise practice? Walking the dog? Drawing or journaling? A rhythm or routine which contributes to your wellbeing? Consider this...that its not the daily practice of something which makes us what we are, but the daily practice creates the space for us to BE or become who we already are. Are you doing a daily practice to become better and 'get somewhere' (and therefore coming from a place of lack/not enough) or to BE? There is an enormous difference. How could you bring more BE-ing into your day?

Tip #86

Tip #86: This week's short tip is to bring more joy into your life. Little moments, sweet treasures...of joyful moments. It's more important than we realise, affecting our wellbeing at an intrinsic value. Not only does it bring wellbeing to us, but it also radiates to those around us too, affecting all our mental, emotional, energetic and physical states. Little and often, and allow the impact to grow.

Tip #85

Tip #85: Create a passion and passionate energy because it creates your flow. Be what you believe to be true and concern yourself with what’s before you. You can’t go wrong, so give what you love. It’s infectious...and who knows, it might just be what others need too. 

Tip #84

Tip #84: This week's tip is to notice what you are trying to prove...and to whom. Take some time to reflect on the energies around this and to update them if need be. Passion is useful...brings us into greater alignment, but the energy of revenge isn't...and will steer us out of alignment. Make sure you are moving and operating to YOUR agenda and not to old energies which need releasing. Create from within, for the sheer joy of creating.

Tip #83

Tip #83: This week's short tip is to honour your ego. She/he is as much part of you as your soul. Any agreement 'you' undertake with yourself will always need the inclusion - and agreement - of your ego. She/he is working on your behalf, to protect and ensure success. Take some time to listen and to honour this precious aspect of you. You can adapt and evolve and become enlightened, but you cannot not include your ego. 

Tip #81

Tip #81: This week's short tip is notice the Beauty...the exquisite nature of people, plants and life in general. In whatever form, see Beauty in each moment...in the spaces between what presents as well. See the Beauty in you, the unknown and cherish the wonder and awe.

Tip #80

This week's short tip is to create balance within your body by connecting to a central point. Locate your 'point of power' (anywhere from the neck down) and make this the source of your energy flow...and your 'command centre'. It will give the mind a worthwhile rest and period of recuperation, whilst enabling greater awareness.

Tip #79

Tip # 79: This week's short tip is to notice where you may need some courage. What today, this week, requires some extra strength from within? Draw upon that bank of courage and use it to ground into your day and week turning it into an exceptionally powerful one.

Tip #78

Tip #78: This week's short tip is to open your heart...and keep it open. No matter what happens this week, practice consciously keeping your heart open. Maintain your energetic boundaries, but allow, within you, your heart to be open. Breathe through any challenges and notice how events pass more quickly when we remain heart-centered. 

Tip #77

Tip #77: This week's short tip is to entertain the impossible. Reconnect with what has been discarded or brushed off but will not go. It may seem 'impossible' but is still there...in your awareness. Allow it to come back and be. As we change and the energies around us change, what was previously impossible may no longer be. If it's in your awareness, its there for a reason. Sit with it and look at it from different angles and perspectives. Keep it light and stay inquisitive and you will find a door in. 

TIP #76

Tip #76: This week's short time is to notice the energy stream you are tuned into. Subtle energies are becoming more prominent and as we allow the stillness within us, we open to hearing and connecting with a different, more progressive source of flow. Fine-tune your senses and look deeper. It's there...waiting and gently moving. Allow yourself to connect to it.

Tip #75

Tip #75: This week's tip is to consider the action of choice AND pleasure. Combine both and see what a difference it makes. Often, without realising it, we can forsake one for the other - a common subconscious belief that one disallows or follows the other. It doesn't need to.

Tip #74

This week's tip is to notice the energy of control. Where do you see yourself controlling - others, situations, emotions, your movement - and how does it make you feel? Notice how others try to control you, whether through projection or suggestive behaviour...or directly, and use this information to ground yourself more deeply. Notice the energies, and allow them to recede (remember, its never the person or event, but the energy behind it). Bask yourself in white light and self-compassion and turn to what needs to be done.

Tip #73

Tip #73: This week's tip is to consider your base - your home territory. We can find we have our base in our environment - in our outer world - rather than within. People, work, family, nature even...can become our default. Instead make within your base...where you return to. Notice the contrast when you default to the external rather than yourself. Always come home to you.  

Tip #72

Tip #72: This week's tip is to bring awareness to any energies of 'shock' or residual trauma in the body or energy field. Shock can be invisible and subtle, a left-over from previous events. Spend some extra time this week grounding deep into the earth and consciously allowing any static or residual energies which are no longer needed to pass. This will help settle the body and energy field to a more harmonious tempo.

Tip #71

Tip #71: This week’s tip is to spend some time noting the architecture of your life - what are the habits, thoughts, beliefs  that are creating the subsequent architecture? What can now be dismantled and replaced by flow and freedom, and what would like developing and expanding? Where does the strength lie?

TIP #70

Tip #70: This week's tip is to introduce more completion (which involves letting go and acceptance). Completion is good - it sets the brain to rest and renewal. What little acts of mental, physical, emotional or energetic completion could you make today and each day this week?