Tip #45

This week's tip is to consider the stories within you. We hold within our psyche 'lived' stories and 'un-lived' ones too. Imagination, dreams and intentions are wonderful - essential to the flow of life. But we can also accumulate frustration at the passage of time in relation to our dreams and wishes. Notice the un-lived stories within you and spend some time this week 'clearing up' and cleansing the energies around this. A nice way to access these emotions is to spend a moment grounding and breathing, and then place your left hand on your solar plexus (around the base of your ribs) and connect with the energies. Bring forward the stories still  true to you, which you wish to see materialise into 3D reality, connect with these (write them on paper if helpful) and release all energies about their fruition to date. Allow any frustration, disappointment or worries to ebb away as you connect with your desire to see them unfold from this moment forth.