Tip #47

This week's tip is to notice and comfort the throat chakra: the expression of who and what you are. When the heart heals and expands, the throat can become uncomfortable until the new words and energies are found and expressed. Sometimes we get a cold, a scratchy throat or can experience tightness. Other times we can feel ever so slightly out of alignment around the throat and neck. We may need to speak our greater truth, or we may just need to have fun and let off steam. Either way, a release of energy from around this area can be very beneficial.

Consider what is in the gut which wishes expressing and allow it to pass through the heart chakra/energy field. Allow the expression of this and then cleanse the area by imagining white light flowing through and around your throat and neck area (and wherever instinctively feels it would like to receive it). Spend time with your throat and listen just a little more deeply to what it wishes to say.