ENERGY DISPOSITIONS - a list of ailments and conditions, and how to alter them.

Welcome to the ENERGY INDEX, a list of energetic ailments which I have been privileged to channel from my spirit guides. I have learned, through personal experience and working with clients, that energy and discomfort present differently for each of us. This log begins to introduce us to this dynamic of our being, and hopefully will invoke both wonder - at our uniqueness and beauty -  and increased wellness, and ease, within.

I will be adding new entries as I am given them, so please do revisit from time to time. At the bottom are some simple practices you may wish to incorporate. If you would like to work more closely, please do get in touch. I offer one-to-one sessions and run Personal Energy Management workshops.

If you have any specific concerns or requests, please feel comfortable in contacting me.

With wellness in mind,


A proviso to begin:

At all times you are responsible for your health, wealth and choices. As with medical advice, some of the following offerings may inspire, resonate or ‘make sense’. If they do, please feel free to include, adapt and add to your life or well-being. No responsibility can be taken though for any subsequent actions, results or effects – whether positive or negative. All responsibility lies with you, and can only be self-administered. What works for one person, may not be suitable for another. It is specifically the unique journey we are all on which creates the individual outcomes and experiences.

This  log of ‘ailments’ and situations is not intended as a replacement for any other suggestion or offering you may receive, (nor does it replace or constitute professional medical advice) but as an additional awareness you may wish to take. There is no right or wrong way of interpreting the information, just to use it - or not – as you see fit and as best suits your needs. 

Head Clearance of Unnecesary Matter →

When the awareness has arisen of a cluttered and complicated mind, it is time to arrange life – the daily practicalities – differently. Mental clutter is a resistance to letting go (when we let go, we cannot experience matters of the mind: we become clear, gain clarity).

The easiest way to shift matter from the mind is to do things differently – no matter how small the change, when space is created, distance gained, confusion falls away. Always. The belief that confusion – overload – requires more thinking or consideration creates more of the same. But to create space, to let go – for now – of needing any answers, creates the very solution and relief needed in order to pacify the spirit. Adjust, do differently, observe differently and peace will ensue. It is the shift (in perspective and action) which creates the movement, which ‘breaks up’ the solidity of the mind.

Tension of the Neck and Jaw →

Tightness within the jaw area will tighten all surrounding areas. And tightness of the jaw can only be a result of restriction of thought. Commonly it is considered to be a denial of voice, of expression, but more accurate would be a denial of truthful thought. Something within is not being acknowledged – the denial is to oneself. The more the mind and heart (and therefore the ego) refuses to hear the personal truth, the tighter the jaw will become in attempt to restrain the subconscious. Eventually, the shoulders and neck, in support, tighten too. The answer? To release the pressure by, simply, acknowledging a truth wishes to emerge. No more, at this stage, needs doing – other than maintaining the space and intention – as the permission for the truth (the acknowledgement) to emerge will enable its passing. Conscious release of physical tension will support the process, re-enforcing the permission. Self-kindness, at this time, also an important soothe.

Shoulder Pain – Left-Centered →

The type of shoulder quadrant pain which creates the most discomfort is of the left side – for this is of the energy of receiving. We, as energetic beings, receive through the left and express through the right. When there is tension to the left, this is a sign that there is ‘nowhere for the energy to go’ as it backs up. The solution: to create movement and energetic flow to the corresponding part of the body so that it can flow again. So with a left shoulder discomfort, an easing of tension on the right – of action and output – will help the flow.

The ability to enable the flow of energy will require an acknowledgement of desired movement (right side movement) whether that is verbal, thought, action, intention or otherwise and permission (left side movement) from the left to follow through with it. This will ease pressure and create flow. Always treat both shoulders together.

Shoulder Pain – Right-Centered →

In order to treat right centered shoulder pain, please refer to left centered shoulder pain first, for awareness of both shoulders is needed. Right-centered pain relies on stubbornness and lack of agility towards the required action for total well-being. Literally, the action is being ‘halted’ – with tension building as a result. With right-centered tension, the suggestion is to (whilst tapping into the pain itself) discover the fear of movement and bring the action back to the heart. Allow both the left shoulder and the right shoulder to ‘together’ decide on the appropriate and ‘safe’ direction/action forward. The heart will always provide solution, and you will be surprised at what the body will reveal if you ask the question.

Tightness of the Chest and Heart →

Tightness in the chest area is subsequent to shock and trauma. At some level, energetic, emotional or physical trauma has been felt and the impact reverberated to such a deepness that the surrounding area has jumped in to protect – and to ‘hold together’. ‘Underneath’ the restraint though will be a longing to release. For otherwise no tension would be felt.

The shock and trauma will not be a mental one - for the mental body knows how to recalibrate this area of the body - but will be one that contains within it judgement of esteem and the raising of doubt. The doubt, fears, judgement, can be of any variety, but at their heart, will have rendered expansion impossible.

To nullify the effects of trauma, it is wise to create distance – this is what the body needs. To release the trapped emotions, it is best to not question the reason or ‘time’ of the event (for it may be the result of compounded effect) but to recognise that the body is experiencing shock and/or trauma. Finding ways to release this, gently and regularly, will help the process. It is of course possible to heal from hurt and pain, but the priority with tightness in the chest area is to do so slowly, with compassion and a sense of understanding though no understanding in itself is necessary.

Breast Pain – of Either or Both Breasts →

This entry applies to men as much as women for the ‘symptoms’ are the same. The cause: a difficulty in expressing emotions. With all pain in the breast area comes the release of emotion – via thought, voice, hormones or energy. If pain or discomfort or change of the breast is being experienced, consider for a while the underlying change or emotion which wishes to surface, whether ‘negative’ or ‘positive’. Emotions, usually the result of loss or gain (either beneficial, or not so), will help shed light on the cause so that the answers can be heard. Massage of the breasts and surrounding areas is helpful, as is general release of tension. Consider also posture and any reasons for compromise in this area.

Upper Stomach Ache →

Upper stomach ache often goes unnoticed, unless prodded or reaching extreme pain. What goes hand in hand with it is a rounding of the posture and shoulders to compensate as the stomach area ‘pulls-in’ in order to relieve tension. In standing tall, if a tension is felt in the upper stomach, this should be addressed.

The ‘length’ of a stomach is dependent on one’s patience and ability to ‘hold firm’ in life and situations from a place of self-belief. An open, elongated stomach area shows confidence and a reasoning of abilities and possession. If pain or tension (a lack of ease and stretch) is felt here, consider what is happening in your world right now. Find a ‘safe place’ in regards to your abilities and worth (it is why public speakers etc can throw up with nerves) and energy dump (*1) what is not useful. Picture the upper stomach fresh, healthy and able to flow with the emotions and fluidity of the day.

Lower Stomach Ache →

The lower stomach houses much in the way of possibility and ‘future’. It is the passage of the old, to enable the new. It creates through its excretion and ‘revolving’ nature. Within the lower stomach is a powerful and strong energy system, creating in its flow feedback to the rest of the body. It is also a great harbourer of staticity, and so in the energetic vortex of the lower stomach, static energy can impede flow and health. Staticity, over and above a limited amount for useful rotation of the energy field is not helpful to the system: a build up of energies and forces, themselves attracting corresponding energies. A daily practice of ‘neutralising’ the lower stomach area is recommended, no matter one’s personal health in this area for it will revitalize the energy of the whole body. Imagine, in the mind’s eye, any static being released - floating away or being removed with an imaginary wand or feather brush - and the whole area being lightly (this is crucial) cleared. Picture white light floating down through, and conscious release of tension in the area. Give thanks to this area of the body and follow with an aura protection (*2).

Central Back Pain →

The centre of the spine is where the ‘crux’ of the life mission rests. It is an invisible force, a ‘latent’ force and effects no ‘physical’ force as such. But when the ‘life destination’ is in serious jeopardy (within the context of sudden irascible about-turns) the central spine will jump into prominence. It is an uncommon pain but very significant and easy to diagnose - if not remedy. Awareness that a recalibration of direction - a setting back to course – is required, is the solution. When the action has been taken, supported by fluid and strong movement of the hips and legs - ie. no resistance to the direction (this is very important) - then the back pain will almost suddenly ease. The central spine: a wonderful indicator of direction and purpose, and worthy, in its silence, of deep appreciation.

Lower Back Pain →

The lower back is the source of much confusion, and…discrimination. It is seen as ‘support’ and an ‘enabler’ of movement and agility, but truthfully, this comes from the general pelvic area. A strong pelvic area is the provider of support and good stance. The lower back will flare when rejected emotions are ‘pushed back’ and, not suppressed, but discredited. The common ‘lack of support’ diagnosis corresponds well with the emotions pushed to the rear; for support is always from the heart. Emotions ‘operate’ from the solar plexus – a breeding ground and natural homing place for them…and when they consume lots of space it will be the case of whichever shouts the loudest will get prime position. The more ‘feeble’ or invisible of emotions, pushed to the rear. But all emotions are of equal strength in potential, and so they will make themselves known. This is certain.

The emotions which are being ‘pushed back’ are not being supported – this is true. But emotions in fact only want to be heard. They have no other agenda for it is the awareness the emotions bring which create action, thought and movement. If experiencing pain of the lower back, delve into the emotion – release it and allow the awareness to create the resulting effect. Do this by bringing the energy forward – integrate it into the solar plexus: the opposite of the instinct or tendency to ‘push it away’. Hear it, allow it, integrate it. In time, this act of permission will in itself solve the discomfort.

During our lifetime we experience general tightening of the energy strands within the body – the waves which run through the meridians silently and invisibly creating the sensory aspects of being human. As we adjust and move emotionally through life, these auric strands and forms of transmission tighten and release. They are linked to the head too and so the tension will be felt as headaches, or at the corresponding area of the ‘wave’. The back, as the ‘torso’ of the wave will assess the impact and either raise awareness, or not. It will make itself felt when action requires fluidity and more flexibility. By contrast, the contraction will make itself felt in the head when new thought – mental awareness - is needed: as in change of direction or action or thought perhaps. And lastly, the tension will be felt at the ‘end point’ of the wave when new thought – as in a ‘break-through’ - is on the cards. An example of the complex inter-connectedness of the body.

To relieve non-specific back pain or general tightening, ‘hold’ the tension loosely and investigate either end of the pain. See, in your mind’s eye where the pain leads to. This can be done through mental visualisation, through direct awareness within the body, or by walking an imaginary line on the flow which represents the energy flow in the body. Aim not to ‘solve’ the problem but hear the request of the body. In the hearing, all will ease.

Right Hip Misalignment →

The hips are facilitators of life energy. As it flows up and through the body, the hips enable the practicalities of movement – the rotation and flow, whatever the direction. They enable balance, creativity through action, and resolve. As such, they provide a vital role, not just physically.

We keep the energy of resolve in the hips. The hips house ‘forward movement’ and a blocked or misaligned hip will indicate ‘the obvious’ as such. But it is the energy or resolve of purpose which give the hips strength. ‘Pushing through’ on a misaligned hip will create damage. Likewise, true direction without resolve will create a weak or ‘loose’ hip. We need strength and purpose, within true direction.

Right hip misalignment is indicative of inconsistency of purpose. Whether ‘strong’ or ‘loose’, the misalignment itself, reflective of changes of heart, or not ‘sticking to course’ or of being inconsistent – not committed to oneself and one’s truth.

Creating true alignment (wherever that takes one emotionally) is the first step towards healing. And alignment can change at any time of one’s life if it is believed to be possible. Then, comes the building of strength via intention. Of course the hips work in tandem, but alignment of the hip should be addressed individually with a ‘coming together’ to enjoy the results through the rest of the body.

Powerfully, alignment of the hip influences the whole side of the body, not just the immediate location.

Left Hip Misalignment →

See Right Hip Misalignment for detail, and:

With the left hip the indication of underlying energy is exactly that: an underlying energy which is influencing the alignment of the hip. Energy flows in from the left and ‘resolve’ will be influenced by what is present. A collection of energies ‘hidden’ in the left hip will affect the in-flow, thus affecting the resolve. A pull or ‘trigger’ of the energy, and direction can be altered. To alleviate temptation to ‘wander off course’, keep both hips free of accumulated energies. This can be done intentionally or through energy work, or by simple movements – through yoga, dance or stretching – of the hip area. Extend the stretch to the whole left and right side and practice conscious clearing (*3) in the process.

Genital Discomfort and Lack of Feeling/Sensitivity →

This entry whilst of the general genital area – for either sex – is not infact related to sexuality but the provenance of one’s history. ‘Current day’ sexuality is a heart-mind phenomena – with past or traumatic events being stored in the genital area. It commonly relates to issues of inferiority or ‘disdain’ infringed on the psyche over time and years.

Genital area discomfort will ‘flare up’ as an issue when the psyche is being pushed to face an experience it is not yet ready for. 'Past-healing', of insecurities and lowered self-worth, must be held and healed in order for the resistance to abate. It is wholly possible for the sensitivity or tension to ease, but as a result of addressing traumas previously inflicted – even if perhaps not as yet visible. If the situation has arisen of sensitivity or an issue in this area, it gives indication one is ready to heal the emotional wound.

Useful at such time is to ‘separate’ the current day views and desires with the harboured energies of past. Not to force the issue, but in order to create vision for healing. In the distinction between the two, the opportunity to heal past wounds becomes more tangible, more manageable and accessible.

Right Knee Discomfort →

When the right knee triggers into discomfort, it is symbolic of a chain, energetically pulling it back. The knees are lynchpins of movement and flexibility, and like a child on a leash, forward movement is prevented through lack of direction, and hence, permission.

The right knee is specific to a strangle on one’s ‘review’ of past – of unacknowledged trauma or feelings held within the ancestral chain; with movement to the side preferable to movement forward or backward, or, inability to see to the sides as a narrow view, in response to the energetic hold, prevents agility.

Knees symbolise agility, flow and movement. They support our direction, and enable the fun of life. Blessed are the knees.

To aid the release of discomfort, massage the knees. Never ‘push through’ but allow them to rest and to nourish. As you rest ‘within’ your knees, acceptance will arise – along with the increased ability to slacken the ancestral hold. Separate work to release the energies of past and to create distance and release between oneself and the past will greatly help. As the past restrictions abate, so the knees come to life.

(see Left Knee Discomfort for more…)

Left Knee Discomfort →

See Right Knee Discomfort, and:

The left knee differs somewhat from the right in that the hold or tension will be one more specifically related to love. Interpretations and conditions related to expressions of love, permitted or otherwise, if constraining, may prevent agility of the left knee. Investigation into ways in which love is managed and self-permitted will aid release of tension or pain in the left knee. A more flexible approach to love will benefit the movement of the left knee.

It is always beneficial to address both knees after work has been done to energetically release one of them – to recalibrate the two, as they work to support each other. Intend balance, love and fluidity to both knees. Share the love between them.

Right Ankle and Foot Disjointment →

The ankle and foot works as an energetic single unit – one cannot work without the other, and so they must be nourished as one. Problems in the ankle and foot area relate to an oversight of the fundamentals of life – of self-care and self-worth. Our feet require regular care and attention – no matter their ‘condition’ and to neglect this area of our body creates a distress signal. Love and worship of our feet and ankles is a fundamental requirement.

This may sound extreme, when we consider areas such as the heart or brain for instance, but to discredit the value of the feet which guide us and navigate our way in the world is to discredit our personal journey – to believe in our insignificance.

Avocation of constant and regular care of our ankles and feet will create consideration, energetically, of the greater consideration of our place on the planet – the unique path only we can tread. When we consider this, whilst caring for and comforting our feet and ankles, we create alignment: a more connected step.

Right ankle and foot disjointment is specific to the ancestral blindfold we wear. Doing things or seeing things ‘as they have always been done’, when incongruent to our unique path, creates disjointedness and imbalance in the right foot, affecting the ankle in the process. The remedy: to begin to see things differently, to slowly adopt a new lens, to incorporate the truth of who we are.

(See Left Ankle and Foot Disjointment for more…)

Left Ankle and Foot Disjointment →

See Right Ankle and Foot Disjointment, and:

Disjointed alignment to the left ankle and foot is significant of a ‘left field blindness’. We all have a ‘left-field’ side to us – the alternative persona we might, or might have, become. The alter-ego, the shadow, the ‘other version’ of us we might have created had things been different or become different. This left-field aspect is vital to our well-being, helping us to navigate in the world. It creates the contrast and reflection which enables us to make decisions and connect with who we are. Without the ‘out-there’ to contain us, we cannot feel who we are or become humble to ourselves. Left foot and ankle disjointedness indicates a resistance to acknowledging the compassion and humility we feel and need towards ourselves. Through compassion we acknowledge our frailty and through our vulnerability to what could be or could have been, we create inner strength and alignment of who we are, and where we wish to go. The contrast creates the direction and recognition of self.

To balance both ankles and feet, bring awareness to the self, to the promise which having two feet on this planet brings us. Take your rightful place - stand upon your feet, upon the earth - and see yourself as divinely and beautifully present to this life we have. Forward movement will happen by itself. Own your feet. Own your walk.

Tightness in the Toes, Either Foot →

The toes symbolize the grip of life – the ‘spacing’ between the step. They serve a practical purpose, of balancing the posture, and so a lean to the fore or the rear – or the left or right – will create a supporting alignment in the toes. The answer, if re-alignment is desired, is to enjoy the even placement of both feet, to focus on the balance within one’s posture and a grounding towards the feet.

A top-heavy displacement will also create tension in the toes, so regular practice of bringing the energies to the feet will help enormously. Busy-headed people have a tendency to cramp their toes, and the remedy, whilst taking time, is simple to adopt.

Imbalance and Floatiness ‘Outside’ of the Physical Body →

When a shock or trauma occurs to the energy body the atmosphere adjusts to contain the event and links of exchange into the body. This creates a balancing effect where the energy outside of the body adjusts to compensate and balance the status quo.

Our energy bodies radiate outside of and beyond our physical bodies and these need care as much as our inner energies. When a trauma has been triggered or ‘touched upon’, the area ignites – and so does the corresponding balancing energy field. All of a sudden, we become ‘outside of ourselves’.

The awareness of this sensation is useful for it indicates awareness to the trauma, shock or unresolved issues beneath the energy container. Bringing the energies back towards the body is the solution but this must be done at a careful and considerate pace. It cannot be rushed and nor can it be forced. As the trauma or issues are healed, so the balancing ‘outside’ energies will calm and come down to rest. It is an inside-outside duel process.

Calming the mind aids the process enormously, enabling the emotions to be processed, but it is the energetic field which, in calming this, provides the most impact. This can be done by spending time in quietness, moving towards what feels comfortable, and protecting through grounding and energy practices. Meditation can be helpful – but only in fostering an area of neutrality so that the inner and outer body can come naturally – are invited – to rest. Prodding at the emotions will only ignite them further.

Gaining awareness of floatiness and imbalance is a useful tool in life. When the body is allowed to recalibrate to base (the intention to do so is enough) a confidence and trust is built.

Enforced imbalance and floatiness such as in the use of recreational drugs or alcohol is indicative of inner trauma and energetic sensitivity as the feelings are highlighted and touched upon at a distance. Not all drug or alcohol consumption will create imbalance and so it is not the use itself to question but the reaction from it or desire for it. Observe for signs of neutrality or calls for release, and great awareness can be gained.

Tightness in the Wrist and Tension in the Right Arm →

Around the energy of the arm lies a focus of ‘doing’. The right arm is production; instrumental in decision making and the appropriateness of action. It sounds rather strange to talk of a body part having its own energy focus or intention, but this is so. As we think about writing for instance (if ‘right-handed’) or picking something up, we direct the mental intention to the arm and wrist. This ‘absorption’ creates a linking response in the nerves and energy fields.

Tension or tightness is a result, commonly, of fear: indecision; a push forward – perhaps voluntarily or perhaps against one’s conscious will – without the full (self-) agreement of which way to go. Fear denotes unresolved emotions or differing options and acknowledgment of this is the starting place of the release. If tension is felt, know some emotions require acknowledging.

Movement in the shoulder releases tension in the arm. Movement in the arm releases tension in the wrist. Movement in the body releases tension in the shoulder – and so it goes. Practice ‘opening up’ the energies of the wrist, hand and arm and releasing the thoughts back out of the arm so it becomes ‘free’ again.

(See Tighteness in the Left Wrist and Arm for more...)

Tightness in the Wrist and Tension in the Left Arm →

See Tightness in the Right Wrist and Arm, and:

The left side differs from the right in that it is the energy and focus of the amount of doing which matters – not the type or action itself. Left arm tension indicates too much energy is being received into the body – too much by way of physical, mental, emotional or energetic input is asking to be received. It may be being withheld – held at arm’s length – or being ‘proposed’, resulting in tension.

The solution is to consciously ‘take’ what is wanted, and to reject the rest. This creates movement and ease. It is safe to ‘reject’ the rest, for if it is truly desired, it will represent. But in focusing on what is wanted or needed right now, some energy is permitted to flow, easing the tension.

Difficulty with Focus – Inflexibility of Vision →

When we feel that ‘life’ has narrowed, we can often find our vision has too. There is a direct correlation between what the mind thinks and what it sees. The ‘objective’ of sight is to create feedback and sensory awareness to both avoid danger, and survive and thrive. But when the mind doesn’t ‘receive’ what the eyes are seeing, it loses focus.

We ‘see’ and ‘receive sight’ with two different aspects of the brain. Creativity invokes sight and when we lose the enthusiasm, the feed-back system in the mind ‘saves energy’ and so diminishes output. As the expansion reduces, sight itself ‘reduces’. It is a gradual process, not noticeable in itself but pertinent to the ‘approach’ to life. Mid-life – often the tipping point when the mind creates excuses to not ‘push itself’.

Flexibility in outlook creates flexibility of vision. To increase your vision, practice observations (theoretical, metaphorical and physical) in the far distance, to the rear, the right (close and far), the left (close and far) and ahead. Include also what the eyes can’t see but the vision holds. Mental vision – the aspirations, direction and desires of life – calls forth eyesight vision. The more one dreams and aspires – whilst seeing near and far in all directions – the more clearly one can see.

Focal point is the second element. At all times the mind must be able to bring all its attention to a central focal point – and this must be both actual and reflective (a mirror of the eye’s behaviour). Practice bringing your complete attention to a point in space about a foot or so ahead of you, and, simultaneously, a foot or so within you (depth carries distance, so to intend a foot within will create the sense of depth). This parallel vision strengthens the eyesight and ability to focus.

Extreme Sensitivity to Noise and Outside Pressure →

When the energy body has been triggered into fight or flight or extreme sensitivity (due to trauma, shock, or overload to the senses) a ‘re-capture’ happens. The ‘opening’ of the energy field – as you might picture in the case of an electric current hitting the body – creates a need to ‘latch on’ to something in order to find stability and correction. Like an aperture needing sustenance, the opening grabs at extremities in order to create ‘closure’.

The ‘sensitivity’ is an extreme response to the state of what-is. In many cases it can provide feedback needed by the inner body to create balance – the information for the new direction. When this is heard and acknowledged, the body settles as it has been given its requirement. Needs have been met and after a period of healing, new adventure forward can be had. But when the message is unheard or unacknowledged, the sensitivity will continue as a warning system that the environment is not conducive to one’s well-being.

Taking risks means stepping outside our comfort zone. When this is done with permission – such as a holiday or new environment or situation – feedback will show by way of increased awareness, an elevated sense of presence and/or spiritual and emotional growth. A ‘stretch’ if you like…

But when done ‘of a sudden’, without preparation or permission (and this can be immediate or prolonged shock) the energy body ‘takes a battering’, and the healing requires all of the senses to abate before permission is retrospectively granted to oneself. This is how we heal from trauma and how we create function from sensitivity. Trauma requires permission from the Self to accept the emotional wound and close the energetic wound. What remains – physically – is but a reflection of an occurrence. The spirit can not only heal, but grow exponentially from such an occurrence.

Digestion and Reduced Absorption of Nutrients →

When the body has encountered a shock or trauma (physical, mental, emotional or energetic), resistance presents in the body until the psyche is ready to relax and ‘close down’ the shock apertures and sensitivity. In tandem with this, the body, whilst in a state of (high or subtle) alert, saves energy by processing energies – including food source energy – as quickly and efficiently as possible. It ‘takes’ the necessary and releases the rest. The amplified state of alert, in itself, superior to the deeper ongoing needs of the body.

Bringing the body out of shock, bringing it down to a gentle, preferably relaxed, mode of being and operating is what will provide the environment and capacity for a gentler processing of nutrients. But notwithstanding this primary need in the process, is a requirement to ‘instruct’ the body to ‘change its habits’ – to tell it, through intention, to take the time to absorb the goodness. To give it permission.

Absorbing the goodness from life – whether from our food, our relationships or situations themselves, is a skill to acquire once great trauma and fear has been experienced. The body follows the mind (as indeed the mind is impacted by the body) and an increase in allowing in the goodness and nutrients of life requires whole-body engagement.

Bring your awareness to the emotions, the energies, the thoughts and the body itself – what it is asking for. Give it what it wants – not what society or influence leads us to believe, and in the absence of resistance, absorption will occur. Nourishing the body, the mind, the emotions which support us – all vital in the intention for well-being.

Up-Straightening of the Spine →

When the spine becomes ‘soft’, as in ‘taking the pressure in order to support’ (as opposed to the ideal situation of the frame itself supporting posture) it is time to look at what is occurring within one’s dynamics of power.

The spine, as part of the skeleton, gives structure and formatting to the body, but it is the leverage of the body parts in relation and in correspondence to the skeleton which creates the support – the anti-lever so to speak.

Power plays out in a similar way. Without power there would be no ‘system’ and the system – society at large – relies on power to function. But where do you exercise your influence and participation in flows of power?

A straightening of the posture – so the spine can elongate – happens when within a flow of personal power. Exercise and cultivate this – in whatever form is to your liking – but remember to include the soul or your deepest spirit into the action. This will enable balanced interaction with power.

Teeth and the Cavity Between →

Issues relating to the teeth are perhaps the most complex in the body, for what seems as an ‘external’ problem is rooted within the inner body. Teeth are visible expressions of bone; and bone contains bone marrow, and life force. But it is not just the teeth which express; the area of the mouth in totality complements the equation. A problem tooth: a problem generally.

That said, often a tooth is treated unnecessarily. Yes, if the cause is not addressed the ‘issue’ will continue. But as with all pain, it manifests for reason. One would not ‘chop out’ a muscle if it showed evidence of contraction or discolouration. Perhaps wise to not just remove the tooth or decay, but also address the underlying issue. The instinct and inner healer will shed light on this.

When pressure builds in the mouth, it is best to relieve it at the opposing end, be this mental, emotional or energetic. Often we do not need to know the reason, just to release the energies. Treat the teeth as an information centre and they will speak more to you than words can convey.

Ears and Hearing →

Blockages to hearing – and conversely, adapted high vibrational hearing (a high pitch or shrill to the sound) – occur due to energy blockages relating to the lower half of the body – namely below the hips (the lower half of the hips). Sound carries in multitude of ways – or waves – and a thickening, or lightening, in the lower torso affects the sound quality in the body.

This is one of those entries which will seem incomparable to reason – unless one experiences it. The adjustment (aside from general maintenance of the ears, nose and throat) is to create flexibility in the lower body and to train oneself to hear from inside the body – as opposed to ‘reaching out’ to hear.

Blockages on one side, including total loss of hearing, are caused by an imbalance in one’s sense of grounding and balance. It matters not which side, the aim is to come into balance within the body. Allow for hearing to improve, and energetically, it will.

It must also be considered that there are numerous ways to ‘hear’. I invite you to explore these.

Clarity of Skin and Complexion →

The skin which houses the body is more resilient than we realise. As a repair and renewal mechanism, it does so unflinchingly and with deep care. And this is where its strength lies: in deep self-care.

"A well moisturized and protected body is one which ages well." This can be true – because of the care. Equally, a well moisturized face and body which has no underlying genuine care, will not ‘age’ as well. It is the act of care which influences the outcome – the intention.

‘Skin’ is a casing, yet it is also a means of communication, sitting within our auric field. When we have a dent or gape to our auric field (be this a wound, split or tear) the skin beneath the gape will suffer accordingly. Physical injuries tear at our auric field, but also, unseen energetic ones do too. A rash, for instance, needs the healing of the field as much as the skin’s surface itself does. An invisible plaster can help, but the longer term healing (which can be instantaneous) of the cause is ultimately what is desired.

‘Complexion’ is an underused word or thought. Seeing the whole of someone, through the vitality of their skin allows a wider point of viewing which encompasses the whole of oneself. To ‘stand back’ and view one’s complexion of Self in the bigger picture provides the solution to what the body needs. Care, loving intention and the caress of one’s touch.

Hair and its Strength →

Hair and strength are synonymously linked and yet their ‘origin’ is very different.

Hair gains its strength from the mental acumen. What is meant by this, is the projection one has towards the hair will present itself in return. That said, genetic strains will prevail unless ‘overridden’ by ‘stronger’ mental thought.

Strength, in the more general sense is seen as an inner will and determination. But the hair does not ‘like' determination. It likes growth, fluidity, a means to ‘be’. This is what encourages it.

If one wishes more luxurious and golden (not in the colour, but the texture) hair, then to start with the gentleness and kindness one would bestow to a young child would be a wonderful start. A child needs good nourishment, sleep, time to play and learn. He or she also needs caress, inspiration and a playfulness of spirit. These work well for the hair. Admonishment doesn’t.

Total or extreme loss of hair is symbolic of a shift in one’s approach to love. Not less, or more, but a shift. All is good at times of change and the hair should itself be reassured of its worth. It may sound a little strange to talk of speaking to one’s hair but you will be surprised just how many people do so.

Create an energy of love and nurture, and one’s hair will always be beautiful. All is perception followed by worth.

Kidneys and Disposal of Waste →

This entry allows for disposal of all waste, including from other areas of the body. The kidneys act as central ‘modifiers’ as they emit the ‘signal’ to diffuse past and ‘concealed’ energy into waste. It is a process – yes, physical, but also emotional and energetic.

The kidneys are, by association, store-houses of energy: transmuters – not of ‘waste’, but of emotions and energy streams. The gut and gastric juices will ‘dismantle’ food and ingested matter, but the kidneys enable the release of the energies. This is why they are also the givers of energy – of life force.

Congestion and imbalance in the kidneys is indicative of emotional disturbance and energetic imbalance between intake and output. They work in tandem but also function individually. It is a 4-way process of balancing flow in-and-out and also creating balance between the within and the without.

It may sound like a complicated process but it is worth remembering that the kidneys themselves know how to do this; ‘we’ can get in the way of their higher intelligence.

If your kidneys or waste effluence are under strain, take some time to breathe into and connect with the kidneys. Ask them what they need and give them this, with love and the intention of balance and flow. Flow is what the kidneys love and thrive off.

Managing the ‘speed’ of life upon the body →

This entry relates to the effects of life within and upon the person. Consider for a moment a person stood, still and tall. Around him or her, movement of all kinds: telephone calls, emails, appointments; the passage of time, days, dates, anniversaries; people, news, drama – all in the ether of life and nature. This has an effect…creates resonance.

The energetic ‘resonance’ is what affects the body. The more static, anxious, resistant, aggressive a person’s interaction with the movement around them (and this includes mental, emotional, physical, emerging, passing, happening right now), the more reverberation to the human psyche – and the more ‘engaged’ the body.

Life is a flow. This must be remembered. The juddering and ‘opposition’ to life as it presents is what creates discord. We might feel compelled into action, but this must always be within the state of flow. To achieve this, consider one thing every day: “How can I let go more into the status and energy of the undercurrent of life?” In the undercurrent, there is no jeopardy nor strain. The body, no matter what happens around it, will flourish. Adjust to the speed of the undercurrent (whether ‘faster’ or ‘slower’, it will feel more comfortable) and your answers will appear almost effortlessly.

Change of responsibility in outlook and the effects upon the body →

The responsibility we ‘carry’ affects the physical body. Many of us carry burdens which are not ours to manage. Our physical bodies, under the weight of another’s energy, will become compressed as the cellular activity is compromised. What may seem like ‘life’ is not life at all, but the energies of another.

Outlook changes responsibility ownership. And outlook will also create the answers. What is important to recognise, is that direct and immediate benefit will be felt physically and mentally once the emotions are released. The energies change as a result.

Responsibility can only be for oneself and one’s ‘good-action’. Truth, honesty in being, and a recognition of one’s personal desire will create active responsibility for one’s actions. The outlook comes as a response to this. Action first (which can be energetic or awareness-based…not always mental or physical), and then, the outlook changes. The cells adjust their outlook in response to the mind-body communication and then flow ensues.

Un-useful emotions and energies held in the body in response to the old attachment – or ‘deposit’ by another – will subsequently release; no longer having ‘a place to stay’. The energies diffuse or return to their rightful owner. This is healing. Slowly, one by one, we become unattached, uncomplicated and free to move: within our bodies, our life, and on the planet collectively. Take back what is yours, return or release what is not, and allow balance to emerge. This creates peace.

Linking the energies of pain to an outside source →

Pain, first and foremost, should be considered an energy. This is integral to the understanding of self- and personal- healing. Physical pain, mental or emotional pain – and indeed psychic pain – are all manifestations of trapped energy. It is not the energy itself which causes the problem, but the ‘containment’ of it against the body’s wishes (and we will consider the mind too as part of the greater body; indeed, to expand it even further, another’s mind can affect physically and sensitively the body of another through the wider energetic body of association…of families, for instance).

So, energy ebbs and flows. What we might think of as a ‘negative’ energy, whilst flowing through us, though uncomfortable, can be a most healing experience as through the point of attraction, it ‘collects’ the same from our energy system…a mopping-up if you like. Dis-ease, in itself can be most beneficial: if it is surrendered on its way through.

The most beneficial approach to pain-related energy is to see it as a journey – a passing through. This brings challenges, especially in cases of end of life, but at its core ‘protects’ the individual from illegitimate associations. Pain which remains needs releasing and this must be done in an environment, and with an approach, of deep respect – and honouring the wisdom which wishes release. For at the root of all pain, of whatever kind, lies truth, beauty and deep caring wisdom. It is this awareness which releases the grasp of pain.

In cases of end of life, it is the soul and heart which contains the key. Honour these, and no pain will be felt (note: I ‘paused’ before writing this last sentence, but was assured of its truth and encouraged to include it).

What eases pain in all circumstances, is the ownership of what is happening. To heal, we must take control of what is ours and no-one can inflict pain upon us – including our own bodies – without our permission. Disentangle from all notion of outside control, welcome relief as it is offered, and surrender to the discovery of inner wisdom and healing.

Deep-seated discomfort of the heart →

This entry differs from ‘Tightness of the Chest and Heart’ (see above) in that it is centered around the thought-energy of heart-ache. All is of thought, but a difference in the ‘depth’ of thought – its origination – is worth noting.

Trauma, tightness, hurt, these are responsive energies. Some energies though ‘come with us’; are embedded in our make-up. This does not mean they can’t be healed though.

Deep-seated heartache can be tricky to identify in ourself. We have never known differently, so there is limited contrast to gage by. Life’s experiences can ‘sit above’ the deeper numbness. A detachment, critical to its presence as the ache supports our life choices and actions.

But if fortunate, our heartache will reveal itself. We may not enjoy how this happens, and may find it difficult to stare our ‘broken aspect’ in the eye, but this is when the healing can begin. And it is never too late.

Deep-seated heartache needs compassion, understanding and release. Forgiveness, balance, a thirst for nature as nurture will support this. It can be overwhelming and bleak to begin, but over time we recognise the intense beauty this opportunity brings. For not only do we heal ourselves – by seeing the ache as of us, but not us – we also heal the greater energy field we all live within. It is this engagement with ourselves, which also heals others.

Constriction in the pelvis →

This entry applies to both women and men. For the male physique, it extends ‘around’ the hips; for women, it is contained ‘between’ the hips: tightness, a pull, pressure.

The tightening of the ligaments of the pelvic area pertains to self-worth. Pure and simple – a challenge in one’s perception of personal value. As ‘life’ becomes more valuable – as in more desired – a tightness will be felt if the egoic and societal constrains are upheld.

The ego carries many qualities – ideal for a challenging aspect. Sometimes supportive, sometimes restrictive, encouraging, reflective. And as life pulls us forward, the values of the ego and upbringing can pull us back.

The birth of a new-born child ‘stretches’ the pelvis in a woman. The growth of a boy into man ‘straddles’ the hips with intent. And these two energies of masculine and feminine:we all, of both sexes, experience these forces. A new-born idea, desire, venture will pull for a man in just the same way as an acceptance or responsibility will for a woman. This is what makes us human partners.

To ease pelvic tension (and hence release tightness throughout the body as the hips ‘link’ all flow), ease into the change. Realise change is happening: it cannot be prevented or halted. Spend time listening to the body and visualising space and warm love into the pelvis area. Allow it to relax.

To increase self-worth, remember this: it is not our position to question the change, but it is our role to create our best selves. Allow your pelvis – the seat of creativity and the sacral chakra – to fire your passion and engagement with life. An engaged pelvis is strong, supple, agile and resistant to intrusion. Allow your energy to flow as such – so that it can be released and enjoyed.

Rotation of Arms and Extension of Legs →

These two items pertain to the ‘stretching’ of the body – the core joints being infused with air, energy and spatial difference.

Many of us ‘lock’ our joints – a tightening in the skeletal boundaries. Arms become ‘held’ to the body and a trunk sunken onto the legs. This creates boundary issues in external perception.

Rotating the arms (and consider the last time you did such a movement) enables so much more than freedom of the joint. It acknowledges acceptance, a sense of worth and trust. Rotate the arms morning and night for 30 days and you will notice a difference…a confidence of expression.

Loosening and lengthening from the hip joints has equal value. Practice, whilst horizontal, ‘pulling’ the legs gently away from the body. Notice the release in the hips and the sense of light-headedness this brings; these are toxins and stale energy – crunchy deposits – being allowed to leave the energy body. This is an intrinsic element to boundaries: the ability to allow out of our energy field what is no longer useful – as needed as preventing what we don’t want to enter.

When we become comfortable clearing our energy field, trust is allowed presence. We are better able to maintain ourselves, and so can relax further. Confidence is enabled.

(See other references to energy clearing to support this entry…and remember to clear gently, with kindness and with enquiry).

Significant Pain in the Solar Plexus →

The solar plexus is the area of strength, wisdom and courage. Found mid-torso, it is the wheel of life – motivating all forces into alignment. In its turning, it creates a power…think of a wind turbine garnering energy.

The power comes not as a source, but as a component of enabling the flow. Hence why malaise of the stomach can be so debilitating. Nausea, indigestion, flatulence – all affecting the turn of the wheel.

Deep pain occurs when there is a shaft of obstruction in the way – an obstacle preventing the flow of the circular motion. This need not be physical: an emotional or energetic shaft can equally hinder.

An interference to one’s energy flow can create serious implications if left unattended. It is not however something we can consign to others. Whatever the situation, and no matter our ‘strength’, we must remove the intrusion or hindrance. No-one can do it for us.

Usually the requirement is willpower and courage (willpower comes from deeper in the body – the 2nd chakra and creation area of our power) – and injection of the heart. The wisdom is the crucial element: are we ready to hear and acknowledge our inner wisdom?

Once acknowledged, obstacles have a way removing themselves, and flow resumes. Nurture your solar plexus and by tuning into it, notice its speed of rotation and vibrancy. It is one of the easier energy centres to tune into and support.

Muscular Tightness in the Body →

Muscular tightness in the body is a sign of change. Without wishing to sound too morbid, no different from the experience of death at the end of our physical lifetime. A contraction and then a release.

At the end of our personal life we will all experience this phenomenon – in our unique and timely way. It may be emotional, energetic, mental and most definitely physical. It is the preparation for release…and expansion. Tightness in the body happens in just such a way for our benefit and growth throughout our life. What might seem ‘contracting’, demoralising even, will reveal the desired movement – the change, hidden within the preparation.

Stiffness and tightening is often seen as reduction in ability and performance: a ‘taking away’. I propose a different viewpoint, of a preparation and indication of new energies, desires and wants. This can also be uplifting.

Noticing muscular tightness happens when we feel restriction (ie. not able to change). The tightness builds (which will be mental and emotional too), but it is only at the moment of desired awareness we notice its hindrance. This, I suggest, is the perfect time for self-enquiry: to ‘sit’ in the discomfort in order to hear it’s message. For certain it will include doing things, observing oneself and others, in a new way. We cannot ‘go back’, only forwards, and our bodies are wonderful at showing us what we need to do so.

Consideration for new ways of being and loving often emerge during muscular contraction – an ease now nurturing our soul. Allow yourself to hear the tension and to honour the request. It is for your benefit.

Arrangement of the Worries Within the Body →

‘Worrying’ can’t happen without an effect upon the physical body. As the source of the worry, the mental and emotional bodies will already be ‘alive’ to the experience; but it is in the physical body the results are seen.

Worry has two dimensions: it ‘holds’ and it ‘stifles’. Both similar sounding but quite different.

The physical body will hold a worry when it has nowhere to go and will stifle a worry when it has things to do and places to go. This is how a concern can abate and re-appear. Perhaps slightly different each time, but there nonetheless. And hence the experiences of "here I go again".

The result required is not to not have the worry – this is a slightly futile task, worries ‘exist’ – but to have a body where the worry can’t ‘land’. “There’s no place like home” and our job is to not make our bodies (including our mental field and mind) available for worries.

This is step 1: Recognise the worry is not ‘yours’ but a conceptual thought based on contribution from ‘out there’ (we are the sum of our thoughts, and equally, a worry is the sum of ‘it’s’ thoughts).

Step 2: Recognise your body. Sounds simple, but ownership of one’s body exclusive of ‘thoughts’ (silent or otherwise) is not an easy task.

Step 3: Fill your bodies with energies of ‘you’ – without thought-form. Just allow energy to fill your soul, breath and being. All thought can remain outside of this awareness

These steps, if practised regularly (to the degree you are comfortable with) will destroy, over time, the ability for worries to attach. It is not the removal of the worry but the accomplishment of oneself which enables this.

Tightness on the Right Side of the Body →

Tightness on the right side of the body can manifest in many, many different ways. Tenderness, constriction, a domineering mental outlook, a blockage of emotions in relation to our placement within and contribution to the world, and repeated pain and symptomatic experiences. It is above all a “personal matter”.

What is meant by this, is that all matters in relation to the right side of the body and greater energetic right-sided environment are born from the intrinsic question: “What am I to do?” The key is the “I”.

To soften the energy, an acknowledgement is needed – and will be welcomed by the psyche. It will include, as a general, the exercise of one’s voice – the true voice of what wishes to be said, heard and acknowledged. This verbal (and verbal can mean any form, but via the combination of head and heart) acknowledgement and expression is what relaxes the right sided energy – no matter where in the body or energy field it is held.

To relieve pressure, practice regular expression of voice. Creativity, yes, but always within and through an expression of belief and standing. This will allow the integration of self as the energies soften and pass. This is wholly desirable for the spirit of self and attainment of truth.

Tightness on the Left Side of the Body →

See Tightness on the Right Side of Body, and:

Tightness on the left side of the body relates to a domineering introspection. We are not ‘good enough’. What we see of ourselves is not enough. ‘Life has let us down.’

To soften the left side of the body and aura, an acceptance is required. “We are ok.” “All that we are is ok.” It is how wars are resolved, and peace restored. Acceptance and compassion. Change has occurred, and still we breathe.

The left side of the body relates also to matters of the heart – allowing what inspires it into play. Nourishment, care, a touch… Take time for massage, a stroke, a warm bath. Allow the body and emotions to relax into themselves. This will help heal the tension.

The Blockage of Sinus Flow →

The sinuses are areas within the skull to ‘capture’ excess fluid – a safety valve if you like. They are useful for many reasons, including the flow of natural fluids. As we age, tiredness, irritability and confusion create disturbances of sinus flow. The ‘reasonability’ of life prevents the tide of energy. The eyes, nose and mouth – including the throat to a degree – are ‘monitored’ by the 3rd eye. We ‘see’ with our mental and instinctual intuition. If we can’t ‘see’, the flow backs-up and congestion forms. The irritation is with ourselves, backfiring into the senses. A veritable feast of energy as day turns to night and vision turns to frustration.

The symptoms of 3rd eye blockage – which is what sinus filtration conveys – are painful to the daily interaction with life. Lack of clarity and direction cause increasing frustration. A step forward, two back. Achievement; disappointment. Gain; loss. Confusion reigns!

The remedy is a simple one and effective ‘instantly’: it is to lessen control. Control prevents flow and inhibits tension of action – the required tension. Transfer the power to action and the flow within the sinus area increases. It’s why ‘colds’ appear on holiday or after a deadline. The loosening of control allows the flow of mucus – a welcome relief – and whilst one may ‘think’ we have no direction when we loosen control…a perfect status for the subconscious to rise and influence proceedings. There is a purpose and method to all the body does.

Lessening control evokes more than just flow – it creates action of a natural and beneficial kind.

NEW! Pains and Aches in the Body →

When a pain or ache is felt in the body, in it important to get it checked by a physician. However, many times the ache or symptom underlying the ache, is a purely energetic one. A case of ‘the chicken or the egg?’ in identification and resolution.

The key ingredient in aches and pains is discomfort. Where is the source of the discomfort? This is what needs identifying and testing. Commonly, though not always, it is one singular source: lack of respect toward oneself. Whilst ‘respect’ may seem an odd provision or source of pain, it is fundamental as an energetic exchange, for all in the Cosmos relies upon respectful exchange. One ‘respects’ the weather, the nature, the planet one lives upon…until the discomfort shows.

To relieve pains and aches in the body, see the experience or the pain or ache itself through eyes of respect. What does ‘it’ need and what is the embodied awareness? Not so much what the head offers, but how the rest of the body feels. A ‘total body’ answer is much more respectful towards oneself.

Treat the discomfort with ease and respect toward yourself. It is not the discomfort which needs the attention, but the dawning form of respect. Attend to this, and you will see often dramatic change.


These inner-resources - or practices - aid the clarity and vibration of the energy body. We have, broadly, four bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the energetic body. As we clear and fine-tune the energy body, we move towards whole-body wellness, extending out into our everyday lives.

The below simple practices are best performed regularly - daily is ideal, and please adapt to suit your unique needs - and will offer foundational support in times of imbalance, over-tiredness or stress. I condsider them essential for living in the modern world.

1. Simple Energy Dumping →

As we become more in-tune with our bodies we notice a build-up, or excess, of energy and tension. Tiredness, resistance, doubt – are all forms of energy accumulation. As is over-thinking or an over-active mind. At any time we can relieve some of this pressure and accumulation from ourselves.

The two components are trust and the intention to feel lighter. Find a quiet place – it can be the restroom at work, a corner of a park, or at home after a busy or emotional day perhaps. Connect through your feet (or your seat if you are sitting) to the ground below – right down to the centre of the Earth – and then allow your energy body to release what it no longer needs: what is no longer useful. This is where the trust comes in, as we allow the thoughts to loosen and release: we trust that what needs to remain within our awareness or body will, and we allow the rest to disperse out of us. You may feel like shaking it off, softly easing it out of your body and mind, or you may prefer to slowly imagine it floating out of you. As this happens, notice the energies which wish to enter your body in their place. Intend to feel better, lighter, more resourceful, and fill up from the earth on the new energies. It is important to always fill up our reserves after a release exercise. Keep grounded through the feet or seat, connect with your heart and place yourself in auric protection.

2. Auric Protection →

Our energy body extends outside of our physical body – and we each know when something or someone feels too close to us; uncomfortable in some way. We would do well to listen to this guidance of ours more, and to enhance its ability through protecting and enhancing it. Like a bag with holes, dents or rips in it, our auras allow energies to penetrate and leak if we are not conscious of this ‘invisible’, yet vital, aspect of our being.

After any spiritual or ‘cosmic’ work (this includes reading, talking, listening or just thinking ‘higher vibrational’ thoughts), our energy streams pop open. We are antennas, and after a while, if not given rest, will become exhausted and congested. It is vital we keep ourselves nurtured and protected. Imagine a force-field around yourself and consider that it has a natural boundary which cannot be penetrated, though allows all ‘fruitful’ and welcome awareness to flow. Connect with this boundary which completely encompasses you – above, behind, below, in-front and re-inforce this perimeter of no gaps. Keep it soft, breathable, gentle, but strong and agile. It is yours to administer and nourish. You might like to imagine an oval shape and colours to reinforce. Keep grounded through its base (it does not prevent grounding and earthly connection) and in public places draw it gently in and deepen it. Become aware of how you feel within it, and how it does not prevent connection with others. As you do so, you will heighten your awareness and confidence.

Keep your auric protection cleansed and nourished. Give it a rest when alone and in nature or by the sea, remembering to reconnect and enhance it immediately after. Notice how over time you feel more complete and centered.

3. Conscious Clearing →

Conscious Clearing differs from energy dumping in that it is more subtle and gradual. It is a desire to bring greater harmony and neutrality to the body. As we intend to bring ourselves into alignment, we allow what wishes to shift and alter to do so. It is always practised for the body as a whole, and so if we are, for instance, wishing greater ease in our hip or joint on one side of the body, we will intend and bring into our awareness the opposing side and the body as a whole. For as one part shifts and releases, so will the rest of the structure which supports it. We remain conscious, open-minded and inquisitive to what the body (and not our thinking mind) wishes to do in response to our intention for harmony.

Conscious Clearing is an acknowledgement of emotions and energies held in the body and our vision for greater ease and well-being. It may be practised during an activity such as walking or stretching (as we go ‘into’ the body to observe and listen to it) or as an ongoing intention over a longer period of time.

4. Becoming Grounded →

There are many activities which help us to ground and find stability. At its ‘root’, it is an energetic connection to the Earth we live upon. Practise daily connecting with the ground beneath your feet and allowing this electro-magnetic connection to run up and centre the whole of you – to bring you back to yourself. Connect with it before any movement, event or extended thought process and after any period of activity or when you find yourself excessively ‘in your head’. In time it will become second nature, as our sense of trust expands to create a sense of belonging and deep connection.