Seeing Wellness

As important as seeing ourselves as well, is to also see others as well. For two reasons: firstly, what we see in the external is a reflection of our internal reality and belief structure. The adage ‘As Within, So Without’ reminds us of this. We can’t believe one possibility for ourselves, and another for others.

The Creating of Awareness

When we own our energies, we own our power. And the first step in owning ourself is to observe our-self – not just the nice bits, but all of us. The positive and the negative, the light and the dark, the best and worst. When we observe ‘what-is’, we have access to informed choice. Because nothing is excluded – consciously, at least – we begin to trust our choices.

One Million Words

Channelling requires the ability to trust. The words I publish are unedited and land on the page because I am able to get myself out of the way whilst also keeping a simultaneous eye on proceedings. But when it comes to trusting myself, this has been a different matter. Because this involves trusting our ability to love – even when our society or environment doesn’t love in the same way.


Trust is not just essential, also it is creative, enlivening, exciting. It emboldens and gives enormous power to our thoughts – it creates power, opening doors and completing unfinished dreams. We become able to voice our truth…and to transcend our fears. It is soft, subtle and persuasive. When we have trust our conscience won’t let us sit idly by. We become active. Our heart and soul call us forward. We become the change.

The Limitations of Belief

Limitation is a concept, and word, we would do well to erase from our mental dictionary. It serves no purpose and is used, ultimately, to suppress our spirit. There are practicalities – decisions to move forward, act, stretch ourselves, which may involve discernment and an adjustment of pace and intention – but never is the energy of limitation a useful or necessary one.

The Art of Observing

Notice your observations and the speed you make them at: what you don’t see; what you pass over – indolently or subconsciously. Notice where your attention rests, what it is drawn to and what sits alongside the gaze of your attention. This is how we change our experience of time. Slow how you observe, and you will slow time itself. Change what you observe, and you will change your reality.

Letting go as a daily practice

Letting go is perhaps the hardest personal act we can do, and so we tend to allow it unconsciously. It takes 'all of our psyche' for it to truly happen...for the job to be done. We may say that we are letting go of something, someone, an experience, but it's the full acceptance - on every level of our being - which enables its lightness of passage. 

Managing the Energies

Noticing the energies around us, as an ability, is becoming increasingly vital to our wellbeing and, I would suggest, our survival. We cannot flourish mentally or emotionally if we feel under attack or vulnerable energetically. By contrast, when we feel grounded, protected within a strong aura and full of nourishing and inspired energy, we can handle anything. Other’s projections and needs remain ‘outside’ of us and we are able to respond and support from a place of balance and inner awareness.

Loving Yourself

An Invitation For You: Are you prepared to fully love, respect and honour yourself?
If so, welcome to the's where we learn, little by little, the ways of the world - not a world we may be used to and see around us, but a world of divine connection and deeper understanding. It's a world where we matter because we all is inclusive.

The ability to choose freedom

We each have a sense of what freedom means for us, but often the context of the background or container this is assessed in is not recognised. ‘Freedom’ can be an elusive notion when we consider what we might have to forego or all the possible options available to us. Usually freedom means greater ability to do what we truly wish to do….if things were different. But in the context of what-is – of what is happening for us right now – we are already doing what we wish to do. We are already exercising choice, even if it doesn’t feel so.