The Gift of Alignment


"How you do anything, is how you do everything." - T. Harv Eker




A Question For You:

"What is so important that the thought of not enjoying it would strike at the core of you?

The involuntary response to this question is the nature of your alignment. Nurture yourself around this priority and you will find great comfort. 



Alignment can seem like a moving target – awkward, evolving, always slightly out of reach. As soon as all comes together, in a brief moment where we can stutter the imperceptible words “I think I’m up-straight”, time and moment falls away again...and we’re off! Back to chasing our tail.

There is a difference though, between being ‘up-straight’, organised – feeling centered, even – and alignment. With alignment we flow; smoothly, effortlessly and with interest. We feel alive, connected and worthwhile – contributing to the world around us. A continuum of never-ending movement as one moment leads, with awareness, into another. It is glorious when this happens.

The trick to alignment is to always be facing forwards. We can’t align with what has passed, or by facing elsewhere. The past has its own values: learning, wisdom, the opportunity to let go of more than an experience might initially suggest, but it is in looking forwards that the beauty of flow reveals itself.

Catching-up with ourselves is a useful and somewhat essential component of flow. To reflect, refine, discover awareness and meaning – but this can also be done whilst facing forwards. Most of us though spend the majority of our time looking backwards, to what we haven’t done; or sideways to others: to what someone else has said, done or not done. “When I’ve done all I need to do, then I can relax/enjoy myself/be me/do what I really want to do…” is a common phrase most of us have told ourselves at some point. However when we consider the maxim ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ we can see how the looping and frustrations occur.

To remedy this, we have to make the decision that life – our life – is more valuable than what we might think others consider or believe. It is this decision, which only we can make, which creates the turnaround…and powerfully changes our outlook. We move to a different tune. When this happens (and this may take anything from seconds to decades) we become surrounded by a different quality of energy and flow as all falls into place. As we take the inspired steps forward, our intention and attention illuminates the path, and beautifully, brings all we need into focus. 

Tip:  An Exercise to Enhance Alignment

Consider the alignment of all of your senses, and in particular, of your four bodies. Take a moment, wherever you are, to bring all of yourself back to base. Sit or stand, balanced and loose, and ground into the moment. Feel the earth beneath you and recall your mental body. Wherever your thoughts are, bring - for the moment - all of them back to your body. You may find you have a lot of thoughts in different places. As you recall these parts of you, take your awareness from your head into your body (anywhere beneath the neck). Notice how this feels. Next, connect with your physical body and allow all of it to be balanced, present within your mental body and 'as is'.

Within your mental field, now bring all emotions in. Whatever is flying around which is yours, bring it back to you. Lastly, allow your energy body to encase all these aspects of you. Feel it snug around you. Breathe out what is no longer useful, and, with your awareness still 'below the neck', consider your next action - the smallest, most present action in your connected awareness. You are now in greater alignment.



"It is the alignment to life itself which enables the most beneficial of outcomes: the beauty, the loss, the treasures and revealments - all part of the alignment to the power of love and wisdom. Treasure these moments, for they provide life itself."  Mr P.


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