Loving Yourself

"Whatever you consider love to be, it cannot be. Whatever you consider you cannot be, you already are. Love is found between the lines and at the heart of all observation. Tune into this, and all is well."  - Mr P.


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'How we breathe is how we are. Include it all.'


An Invitation For You:

Are you prepared to fully love, respect and honour yourself?
If so, welcome to the party...it's where we learn, little by little, the ways of the world - not a world we may be used to and see around us, but a world of divine connection and deeper understanding. It's a world where we matter because we all matter...it is inclusive.

Trust and Acceptance

In order to love ourselves, we must accept ourselves - warts and all. We'll have bits we prefer and aspects we may find uncomfortable, but they are all part of us. We wouldn't cut our arm off, so why dis-credit other parts of our psyche?

We cannot heal what we disallow. A bedrock of the work I do is the understanding and utilization of the shadow wisdom within us. Beneath and within all energy work and transformation - however ugly or insignificant it may seem on the surface - are hidden gems of deep wisdom. Once we've grabbed these gems of learning and awareness, the energies diffuse and transcend us to a higher vibration. And it all starts with the acceptance of the presenting emotion and energy...and trusting in its process. 

Loving ourself requires us to create some space. We don't need much; just the intention to do so and the decision to participate in the ride is enough. Once decided - and it is important to take the time you need with this decision - I invite you to bring all parts of yourself forward: to put it all on the table, trusting that the aspect which wishes to shine most brightly in each moment will. Three things happen at this stage:

- A feeling of relief that nothing is excluded.
- A feeling of peace as 'the fight' is relinquished.
- Integration of the ego so it can gradually align with our deeper desires and begin to contribute rather than voice resistance. 

At this point there are actions you can take to support the intention to love yourself more fully:

OBSERVATION. Any resistance or discomfort we experience or see within our outlook is a resistance within. The answer: to permit the resistant part of us to also belong - even if we find it difficult. It's both the first stage of loving, and the ultimate stage of loving as we reach acceptance. But for now, just allowing it to be suffices.

ENGAGING IN DIALOGUE. Once an aspect of us (and this may be a thought, a feeling or a strong inner urge, or perhaps an illness or dis-ease) is comfortable being seen, it will wish to engage and make itself known and heard. This is the time to listen and question. Ask yourself - the part of you in uproar or affronted or scared or confused - questions such as:

"What am I not noticing right now?"

"What is this truly about? What, if I step back, is the bigger picture?"

"What would make this part of me feel better? And why does it want this for me?"

"What truly is the intention behind the inner voice?"

Awareness such as this can create great understanding. Again, all we need do is put the awareness on the table...in our acceptance the way forward, via loving intention and action, is unveiled. 

And remember...beneath all discomfort lies beauty and wisdom :)

Tip:  To engage in conversation with ourself, we must first develop the ability to truly listen. We can do this by going 'into our body' to listen. As I say to all my clients..."chop your head off and listen from the neck down." It works a treat! :)