Can You Hear Your Heart-Beat?

Glowing Heart.jpg

Temptations create distractions, and we have a lot of distraction in our world these days. But what if the distraction were concealing a true temptation of the heart? What if your truth was there for you, within reach? Could now be the time to listen more to your heart?

I’ve been tempted by many things in my life; mostly by my imagination, which I have come to understand is a reflection of my heart. Naturally this fascinates me: as a channeller and in the healing nature of the energy work I do; in understanding what is mine or not mine; and also because it has taken me so long to gain entry to my heart, to understand and trust it. Lesson number 1: our heart knows better than we do, and it will never ask us to do something we are not ready for – even if logic and ego tells us otherwise.

What I have also come to understand, and this is a large part of the work I do with clients, is that it works as a team within our bodies – our minds and guts also have innate intelligence –not to mention our intuition, our soul and collective spirit. Fears and resistance, along with past energies and patterns, can interfere with our ability to listen, to deeply listen, to our heart. Gradually...temptation can become frowned upon, dreams left hanging, as time becomes more of an obstacle than our ability to action, day by day, little by little, our heart’s desire.

We are each and all on a unique journey of awakening; in the perfect place at the perfect time. All is as it should be, and there is always more. As we awaken our heart, we awaken all our senses. We become more conscious, connected, wiser...and excitingly, more passionate. We feel valued and create value. Heart-energy brings a special quality of life-force and presence into our lives, and hence the lives of others. We make even more of a difference. Most importantly, we begin to count…to ourselves. Reality shifts.

Heart-energy is passionate, playful, evocative and ageless. It is love, knowledge, desire. Sadness and anger; beauty too. Nothing is excluded. Sometimes we must express it, other times nourish it. And the easiest way to do this is to ask the heart what it needs. Take the time each day to connect with it and to listen to it's guidance. All wisdom comes from within: people, family, peers and events are merely signposts nudging us back to our-self. Allow the mind and the chatter to be, reassure the fears they are not excluded – and listen to your heart-beat. As you do so, know that you are directly impacting your physical health and wealth. You will be allowing your heart to breathe. You will be creating flow.

Tip:  Find a simple guidance question you can ask yourself in any moment. A question which enables choice, freedom and the option for new perspectives whilst recognising your truth. One such question might be: “What is the most loving approach I could take right now?” It may be to smile as you enter a room or to turn and walk the other way; to breathe and let a thought drop or to drop a kiss or caress on someone's head; to ground or to raise your energy; or perhaps to go straight to complete some work or task you had been avoiding. Ask yourself this question in any moment of challenge or indecision…or just because. Whether towards yourself or others, or simply the moment, a loving approach will always include heart-energy.