The Freedom of Non-Judgement

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"Judgements create havoc on the emotional body if left unattended. Untie the bonds and release the bird of freedom to fly it's journey. There is much to be gained from the pleasure of knowing you are taking this action."  - Mr P.


Judgements, simply put, are thoughts and feelings - emotion-driven thoughts - which keep us separate from others and experiences. We may condition ourselves to believe they are useful, but mostly they hinder our progress in life. They can however create reflection - for what we judge we surely are, desire, or could understand more fully - but their protective nature, even if an illusion, can make them difficult, at times, to let go of.

To let go of judgements, including judgements towards ourself, we must:
a). accept we judge, and
b). let go of the need to be 'right'. (always a tricky one!)

An exercise, or tip to help with this is to not so much focus on the judgement but to notice what tickles our fancy; what makes us giggle and laugh out loud at the funny'ness and humour of the situation. There will not be judgement in this. Nor will there be in the moments of quiet contemplation that come from the heart and spirit. Practice noticing these moments rather than the moments of judgement...for we cannot let go of what we focus on. Why focus even more on how we judge? Instead ask yourself, 'What is the most lighthearted action I could take right now?'

Noticing the lighter moments can be of the most profound personal work we do. It's our difficulty in accepting and receiving the lighthearted playfulness - no matter how 'serious' the task or moment - which hinders our ability to be present and connected.

Lightheartedness and non-judgement does not mean in-authenticity or incongruence. Quite the reverse. But it is an uplifting energy, and one which can reveal hidden deeper judgements.

Holding judgements lightly - observing them with a nod yet detachment - is the key to their passing. At their root will have been an intrinsic purpose of protection and safety. But a thought or need for safety only becomes a judgement when it no longer serves us. It's the psyche's way of showing us the way.

So as we go about our day, let's notice what inspires and cultivates our sense of freedom. Allow thoughts to be and to pass knowing that as you let them go, you create safety and space to breathe. For life tastes good when we hold it with compassion, lightly, and with a smile.

Summary of a 'Judgemental Day'

  • Notice the feelings
  • Decide to accept and release
  • Practice letting go as a state of being (the intention to let go and creating a little space helps with this process)
  • Reassure yourself the judgement is 'excess to requirement'
  • Allow the playfulness and a smile to emerge.

...and repeat. :) 

And remember, judgement foretells an opening...a release into an expanded way of being.

Tip: It can be helpful, when we have been usurped by the mind and it's judgements to think of them in terms of energetic colours. The feeling of the thoughts in your body, and the corresponding thoughts 'out there'...what colour would you give them? As you recognise a colour, breathe, ground and let it go. Bring your attention to a more supportive colour within your body and connect with this instead. This helps create distance from the hold of thoughts and an increase in inner connection.



Wherever you are, whatever you are doing in this moment, place your left hand on your heart and breathe. Connect with it...the energy of it...and ask yourself:

"What am I free to release?"

Your heart will tell you.
And then, thank it.