Allowing the Spirit to Flow

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"Allow the Spirit to shine through you to what is inspired and true. Healing happens in the flow of life.' -Mr P.


Disallowing anything hurts us. The Universe, the physics of who we are and how reality works is one-way: towards growth and expansion. Yes, we grow, bloom and at some point move into the next reality or phase of our time-line, but it is always a case of expansion. It is a law of nature.

Resistance contravenes this law. Expressed and conscious resistance, where we are engaged within the process for a short period of time is healthy: part of what-is. But passive or chronic resistance, when the will at its heart wishes something else but is being denied, becomes destructive...rapidly consuming our energy. Tiredness, an outlook of lack and despondency are signs of over-consumption energetically of resistance. It literally eats away at our spirit.

When we notice we are disallowing (this can be anything: people, events, possibilities, emotions; and can be both into our life, or out of it) consider the following:

  • Do you need more time? Sometimes we have more to ponder or assess before a decision can be made. If so, acknowledge it and remove the energy of disallowing, instead adopting an ‘I don’t know’ approach. Become neutral. Hold it lightly and be inquisitive. Go at your pace. This enables energy and ideas to flow again.
  • Are there emotions lying within the disallowing which need addressing? When we deal with one item at a time, in small chunks, it can be relatively easy to process and release the emotions trapping us. Consider the belief under or fueling the disallowing...the belief under/behind that one...and so on if needed. Identify a new, more useful and up-to-date belief – not based on the past, but for right now. See the disallowed experience from this new place and watch it free and move. Baby steps, one at a time.
  • Have you a deeper desire which is being overlooked? Sometimes we keep ourselves in resistance or in a state of lack because our desires frighten us. They can seem too big for us, or different from what our family or friends believe as important. Break the dream down into manageable chunks…and also expand it out into the horizon. Imagine a day where you have your dream, where you can feel it, and allow this to soak through all the cells of your body. What would you love to allow from this place? What is the new movement wishing to come through?
  • Sometimes we disallow because we find it difficult to say no. This traps us, and what or who we are disallowing, draining life force in the meantime. The call here is to be gently and compassionately authentic. Sometimes we need to say no, and to release the hold completely. At other times all we need to do is to turn towards what we truly wish. Disable the ‘if…, then…’ story. It's also a trap. Go straight to the feeling state of the desired outcome and you will be surprised at how quickly reality reshapes itself around you.

We can spend so much time searching for what we want or what we think will make us happy. In my experience, we already know what our heart and soul desire. Make sure you are not building resistance in proportion to your desires. This is a very uncomfortable place to be. Remove the resistance, and life flows effortlessly.

Tip: Practice each day 1 thing which you consciously allow. It can be a thought, a comment, a permission, a refusal to attend, a new belief... Practice it with love and intention for joy - and 365 days/allowings later, reality will be very different.

"Create the life you dream of, not the one you deny. Time, whilst an illusion, contains our moments. A moment too long in resistance is a moment wasted. Better to do nothing and be, as you are, than to be not yourself in resistance. If we as a planet could free ourselves of who we are not, joy would ensue. Individually we can make this change."