Managing the Energies


"It is not our awareness but the energies our awareness provokes which helps influence our days. Be particular and precious about the thoughts and reflections you create and engage with. We are energy and we create energy. We have a responsibility and an ability to effect dramatic change."  - Mr P.



What Energies Are You Allowing In?

When we feel slightly out of sorts, or lacking impetus, we can easily slide into disillusionment and even anxiety. Despite knowing what is true for us, we can feel disconnected and a bit lost…”it’s not quite happening.” Frustration creeps in and then the mind wreaks havoc on good work and best laid plans. It’s not just disheartening, but annoying too.

These feelings however, are natural – part of the ebb and flow of life in a complex and challenging world. The present-moment time and era we live in is like no other, as new patterns of being are intermingling with retreating values and impulsion. The speed of time is changing and our footing is adapting as a result. We are all becoming more sensitive to energy. It would be unrealistic to think any of us will breeze through these powerful changes without feeling the friction, possibility and confusion.

There is a lot, however, we can do to help our experience. Physically, we might ensure the basics of good sleep, exercise and nutrition. Emotionally, we might take time to listen to ourselves and others more, to acknowledge what we are feeling, as it is, so it can pass. And mentally, we might give ourselves more space and simplicity – with inspiration and creativity feeding our pleasure.

But it’s the energetic attention which can often have the greatest impact; an area of our wellbeing which is often overlooked. The nature of change, whether sudden or over a period of years or decades (as we are indeed experiencing now through the transition into the 2000’s and the paradigm of technology and instant ‘connectivity’ and availability) is really no more than a change of energy fields and intentions. What was felt in a certain way, no longer is. New energies are entering and circling us at all times.

'We' decide what to engage with, but they are in the collective nonetheless. We all know, for instance, how entering a certain building can feel markedly different to entering another. Same bricks and mortar, but a very different feel and evocation of the senses. ‘Fresh’ energy vs staler energy; a lightness vs a heaviness; static vs soft; off-putting vs engaging. The subtleties are endless.

Noticing the energies around us, as an ability, is becoming increasingly vital to our wellbeing and, I would suggest, our survival. We cannot flourish mentally or emotionally if we feel under attack or vulnerable energetically. By contrast, when we feel grounded, protected within a strong aura and full of nourishing and inspired energy, we can handle anything. Other’s projections and needs remain ‘outside’ of us and we are able to respond and support from a place of balance and inner awareness. Because we feel ‘whole’ - and safe - we can open our hearts and give more fully and ably.

The basic needs of our energy field are: grounding, protecting (or enforcing) our energy boundary and discerning what’s relevant and useful. The latter aspect greatly influences the energy ‘content’ of who we are. First we find our footing; second, create our space – the container of who we are and self-ownership – and thirdly, we fill the container. It’s a constant of flow and movement between all the elements as they blend into one. But neglect an aspect, and we feel the effects.

Our inner energies are ours to own. Sounds simple...and a fundamental concept of being which many of us fail to recognise. As we grow and live, we absorb influences and energies which may not be ours. Societal or parental influences, beliefs and ways of being in the world which fill our container with energies which, as we explore and grow, may not be so useful anymore. Moments of joy, sadness, the appreciation of excellence or spirited inspiration may all wish to enter our fields and influence our choices…to create what is becoming true for us.

Environmentally, what is happening ‘out there’ can at times be very challenging, as it connects with and triggers energies hidden within us. The trick is to notice what is presenting – to see into the energies – and notice the reaction within. We grow in relation to what we see and experience in the external. Which aspects do you feel drawn to connect with? What’s the beauty or meaning – the hidden message – in what is going on out there? What do you wish to bring into your personal energy field? And what wishes to leave?

One of the most important and life-changing lessons I have been taught, is to always see the energy behind an experience or person. What’s the energy driving the action or intention? What do I sense is really going on behind or within the story? What does it mean to me? What's the message for us all? Note the energies which are inspiring you...and allow these to guide you into action and to awaken the motivation. The people, places, experiences stay...but the energies we engage with, these we can change in any moment.

Tips & Tools:

Ground. There are many activities which help us to ground and find stability, but essential also is to practice daily connecting with the ground beneath your feet. Even a couple of minutes of sinking your feet into the earth (it can be done from the top floor of a building too) and allowing your energies to drop down towards your feet will help keep you centered within. Re-connect with this feeling before any big decisions or important events and after any period of activity or when you find yourself excessively ‘in your head’. In time it will become second nature, as your sense of trust expands to create a sense of belonging and deep connection.

Seal the plugs. Part of energy awareness is to collect what's ours and stop others connecting to our energy field uninvited. Spend some time recalling all the energies which you have put out into the world and which are not useful (to you or others) - the thoughts, projections, complaints or negativity. Take ownership and recall it all back into your energy field. Also release what's not yours yet you carry, including the projections from others, whether 'good' or 'bad'. Unhook from situations, from your past and unhelpful expectations.Then, after cleansing yourself, mentally seal your energy field and create in your mind's eye a clear and neutral boundary around you, between you and the external. 

Energy cleanse.  It is important to regularly clear our energy-body of the build-up or excess of static energy and tension. Tiredness, resistance, doubt – are all forms of energy accumulation. As is over-thinking or an over-active mind. At any time we can relieve some of this pressure and accumulation from ourselves.
Find a quiet place – it can be the restroom at work, a corner of a park, or at home after a busy or emotional day perhaps. Connect through your feet (or your seat if you are sitting) to the ground below – right down to the centre of the earth – and then allow your energy body to release what it no longer needs: what is no longer useful. You don't need to know what it is, just to allow whatever needs to leave to do so. You may feel like shaking it off, softly easing it out of your body and mind, or you may prefer to slowly imagine it floating out of you. As this happens, notice the energies which wish to enter your body in their place. Intend to feel better, lighter, more resourceful, and fill up from the earth on the new energies. It is important to always fill up our reserves after a release exercise. Keep grounded through the feet or seat, connect with your heart and place yourself in auric protection.

Intentionalise your energies.  Our energy body extends outside of our physical body – and we each know when something or someone feels too close to us; uncomfortable in some way. We would do well to listen to this guidance of ours more, and to enhance its ability through protecting and supporting it. Like a bag with holes, dents or rips in it, our auras allow energies to penetrate and leak if we are not conscious of this ‘invisible’, yet vital, aspect of our being.
We are antennas, and after a while, if not given rest, will become exhausted and congested. It is vital we keep ourselves nurtured and protected. Imagine a force-field around yourself and consider that it has a natural boundary which cannot be penetrated, though allows all ‘fruitful’ and welcome awareness to flow. Connect with this boundary which completely encompasses you – above, behind, below, in-front - and re-inforce this perimeter of no gaps. Keep it soft, breathable, gentle...but strong and agile. It is yours to administer and nourish. You might like to imagine an oval shape and colours to reinforce, depending on your needs. Keep grounded through its base (it does not prevent grounding and earthly connection) and in public places draw it gently in and deepen it. Even with our closest loved ones, we need this intention. Become aware of how you feel within it, and how it does not prevent connection with others. As you do so, you will heighten your awareness and confidence.
Keep your auric protection cleansed and nourished. Give it a rest when alone and in nature or by water, remembering to reconnect and enhance it immediately after. Notice how over time you feel more complete and centered.

Navigate from a place of energy, not from the mind. Bring your attention down into your body and navigate your days from this place (freeing your mind to filter in guidance in the process). Use your heart and instincts to navigate forwards and to make choices. This lower centre of gravity supports a strong energy-body.

Cleanse and close at night. It is important to develop a ritual to support your energy-body, just as we do our physical body. Even if extremely brief, ensure you cleanse your energy-field (you can imagine standing under a water-fall of white or golden light, as an example) and lower your energy-awareness before bed. Like you would your mind, intend for it to get the restorative nourishment it needs. Finally, thank it for all it does for you.

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Instead of asking yourself what you should, must or want to do, bring your attention down into your body and ask yourself:

"What do I have energy for right now?"