The power of money to inform

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Money as a means of value is not a great choice, nor a healthy one in the long run. Short-term gain perhaps, but as an energy stream to remain with? It’s not for the faint-hearted. Despair and frustration, as well as the very real possibility of ‘failure’, make the accumulation of money a gambler’s choice. And then, what to do with it? One ‘problem’ leads to another.

Money though has become essential to our current reality – a commodity through which we trade and exchange ideas, products and services. But it won’t be around forever. Soon, within the next 50 years, perhaps in our lifetime, I foresee new energetic currencies emerging. Our priorities will have shifted...they will have needed to if we are to survive and thrive as a planet.

With money as a form of energy exchange we can decide our relationship with it. Are we engaged – in dialogue and exchange – with the money itself? Or are we plugged into the experience through which money plays a part?

The weekly supermarket shop will, for example, be the latter – unless we have something to prove and are using the shop to display our engagement with the money, or have too little to comfortably buy what we need and have the choose the ‘shop’ to fit within the limited funds. These are just some basic observations.

We have an issue with money when there’s an issue with our relationship with money. Ideally, we don’t want a ‘relationship’ with it at all. We want an experience with the experience of being alive, be that of our weekly shop, the means and methods with which we go about our day, the roof above our heads, we ways in which we enjoy ourselves. The moment we place our focus on the money itself, we have become ‘hooked’ and are at its mercy.

The opposite of a carefree and easy exchange of money in service of our needs and wishes would be the experience of lack, frustration…and eventually starvation to the spirit and senses. When the scales tip in favour of less – of not enough, of denial of choice – we have two options: to focus even more upon the money, or to improve our means of creating meaningful experiences – which include the provision of money. Place the eyes upon the money, and we may well create some of what we need, but with our eyes firmly on it, all we can do is stand by as it also flows away. We have to spend it after all.

In my work with clients, money will always materialise at some point as a subject; often as a result of changing perspectives and values. ‘Money’ remains an obstacle until it is cleared of old habits, associations and beliefs. We have to disengage from it, disentangle ‘it’ from time and outcome, re-orient ourselves to what is truly going on – what is now the actual picture, what are the actual dreams and desires, and then and only then, when all the learning and wisdom has been garnered and filtered through our new awareness, can we begin to engage with ‘it’ again. This is when we begin to see it as the beautiful commodity it is – a commodity which is passing through our reality, is not reality itself. Only when we own ourselves, can we truly know how to own the experience and flow of money.

(This guidance piece is not intended to address the disparity of global wealth and experiences of physical suffering as a result of extreme poverty. I will write a separate piece on this subject, though the awareness of what is occurring within us individually in relation to money, wealth and our entwined emotions and energies, allows for greater awareness of what is happening in the wider environment).

Tips & Tools:

To develop greater awareness of your relationship with money, consider the following:

Always connect with the intention behind the money. Be ruthless in the identification of your true motivation. Is the high-paying yet time-consuming job really to provide and care for your family who might prefer more of your physical presence, or is it satisfying a need within you, be it to excel or perhaps bide some time whilst you develop other areas of your life and wellbeing? Honesty is key if we are to live an authentic and aligned life. Often we blame ‘money’ for our lack of genuineness and voiced truth – which over time creates distance from our true path and life’s work.

Use the awareness of money to better understand yourself. Watch how often you think about it or mention it. Money itself is impersonal – a commodity at our disposal. Notice how much energy you give to it. Reclaim this vital force and use it more meaningfully and wisely. Always keep some of the energy back for yourself. Wealth starts within.

Consider not so much your ‘worth’, but the worth you can contribute. When we think we are ‘worth’ more, we are in a stance of lack and attached to the money. Turn it around and identify the worth you can give – to yourself and others, and allow money to join the party. Allow it to flow alongside what you do and what you offer to your society. Don’t push it away and don’t ‘need’ it to come in. Reclaim your energy, your focus and your intention: spend this wisely, and intend for there always to be more than enough for your needs. This frees the blocks and creates additional drive and focus towards what you feel inspired to do. You are your worth, spend yourself wisely. It’s all energy and you are priceless.