Letting go as a daily practice


Letting go mostly happens when we least expect it - when we are at one with our-self, captured within a moment by deeper senses. It's in the inopportune moments we are often the most aligned, present and in flow. Caught unawares, we fall into ourself and into the status quo of alignment. And yet it doesn't always feel good. It can happen at the best of times and at the worst of times; because it's an act which runs deeper than our emotions.

Letting go is perhaps the hardest personal act we can do, and so we tend to allow it unconsciously. It takes 'all of our psyche' for it to truly happen...for the job to be done. We may say that we are letting go of something, someone, an experience, but it's the full acceptance - on every level of our being - which enables its lightness of passage. 

A useful piece of wisdom I've learned is that it's never a person or 'thing' we are letting go of, but an energy. What needs to stay, stays. We are energy. What releases, transforms. In the process we become lighter, and more grounded.

Letting go is needed for forgiveness, acceptance, belief, growth, presence - the list is endless. It's the flip side of life: the -1 to our +1's. It relies on intention and space. Time is not in the equation; it's a timeless act which includes multi-dimensions of past, present, future. It's a precious gift we give ourselves, and an art to cultivate.

Tips & Tools:

  • A helpful first step in learning to let go is to let be: to allow all to come to rest where it is. In this act we find our breath and begin to feel again. The mind is able to slow as we create some space around and within us.
  • Whilst we hold the intention to let go, the aim is balance, neutrality and the divine space of gratitude. This keeps us grounded as the energies are permitted to readjust and re-calibrate. We come into greater alignment with a higher vibration and our awareness increases.
  • The third simple act is to believe in the presence of balance and neutrality. This is perhaps the greatest challenge in a world of forward, fast-paced intensity: to allow right now to be enough. To fall into now-time. We trust that what needs to unfold will. Connecting to the earth beneath our feet, we become more at one with life as we let go and drop into flow. It's a wonderful feeling.
  • Lastly, letting go happens in the blink of an eye...and every day. Make it a practice. We accumulate each and every day. The practice of daily letting go enables not just balance but clarity, wisdom and the ability to see ourselves more clearly. Every day: let go of thoughts, emotions, energies, resistance and desires. Good or bad, let it all go.

Hold everything lightly

Embrace the simplicity of being.


"Letting go allows the pleasure of life to unfold." - Mr P.