Personal Presentation


How do you wish to present yourself to the world? And to yourself?

Our personal presentation can be an afterthought; so busy have we become with life and its throws, that we lose touch with our expression to the world. Importantly, what is the energy you bring to it? Because how we dress for each day, though a ritual, says more about us than we may at first realise.

As I am often found quoting: it’s the energy we bring to anything which creates the outcome. The experience we have each day is dependent upon the energy we approach the day with – and we have more influence over this than we might appreciate. How we wish to present to the world has to encompass all of who we are, all of the time. There are no half measures, and no dress rehearsal. This day will never come again. What is important…must shine through.

The launch of a new product or concept has great detail and attention applied if it is to succeed. We are very good at creating content and matter. A product brought to market will have untold tweaks, analysis and reflection – all qualities we can bring to ourselves. I know for me, the days I make that little bit of extra effort are days which give more pleasure, productivity and engagement. I become more present, open and aware as I move into my best self rather than away from my worst. It’s not expectation, but encouragement I give myself. It’s an honour to the day and to life.

Beauty is exquisite and in the every day. Turning up for ourself is both humbling and a beautiful experience. There is a lightness and fluidity as the day appreciates us in return. Our work becomes included within the joy we radiate when we experience presence and that golden feeling of being in exactly the right place at the right time. It’s a spiritual experience which says “I’m here. I’ve turned up today. Count me in.”

Our presentation to the world includes our words, our thoughts…our objective when we awake and when we go to sleep. It’s what we buy and don’t buy, do and don’t do. It’s living our values and not settling for less. It involves self-care – of the heart and spirit – and communication with our ego. It requires honesty, self-compassion and awareness of the world we live in. It becomes joyful when we realise we are both life and the expression of it..


The topic of personal presentation – of the energy we call into our day or situation – is often mentioned by my spirit guides. Initially it seemed to me a little shallow, surely there is something more meaningful or important to discuss? But over time I have come to appreciate the significance and deeper influence. We are loved as we are, and therefore we must love who we truly are: the best of us. Below are some quotes and excerpts I have channelled over the years on this subject:

 ‘The energy we apply to our presentation has to encourage us, not disappoint us.’

‘We raise our intention to meet our reflection in its highest esteem, not its lowest. Yes, in a comfortable way, but importantly, in an authentic way. We dress as we intend for ourselves.'

'Give yourself the freedom to honour yourself and what you stand for. It is one precious life. Live it to the full. Wear your best clothes, be the best you can be, discover just how capable, inspiring and thought-ful you can be. Beauty shines from the expression of who you are.'

'Complete comfort in who you are and how you present yourself to the world is important. Make this your spiritual practice. In the alignment you will find your path.'

'How you wish to present to the world has to encompass all of who you are, all of the time.
Be bold, and be gentle.'

'Buy from the heart, not the head.' 

(Substitute ‘buy’ with any verb)


(Photo credit: ISO Republic)