The Limitations of Belief


Without fail, the lasting memory of a painful experience is the feeling of limitation – of something being ‘taken away’…disallowed. Against our wishes, we feel betrayed and uncertain. What we had planned – even if unconscious in our awareness – now removed from possibility. All we ‘could have done’ now foremost in our mind and emotions.

The belief that we are at the mercy of this force of nature – omnipresent in its ability to strike at any moment, in any guise – is the experience of suffering on the planet. Living with uncertainty – the unknown – however, is a spiritual practice and a useful one; we all love a good adventure after all. Aligning the additional belief of limitation is optional, though can be tempting since it complements the uncertainty and supports fear. But this is what creates the pain. Ideally, when difficult experiences arise, we want to accept the unknown but resisting limitation. And with good reason.

Limitation is a concept, and word, we would do well to erase from our mental dictionary. It serves no purpose and is used, ultimately, to suppress our spirit. There are practicalities – decisions to move forward, act, stretch ourselves, which may involve discernment and an adjustment of pace and intention – but never is the energy of limitation a useful or necessary one.

Living in acceptance is the antithesis of limitation, and in practical terms, one of understanding ourself within the reality we witness. The key here is: what are we witnessing? If we move, moment to moment with acceptance – of ourself and the what-is – we don’t need to push beyond our capacity. We do, and we let go…within a state of Being. We don’t jar the senses. And we don’t experience limitation.

The belief that we will experience limitation is a result of a life lived outside of the present moment. The past, the future, the not-present…all accumulate feelings of limitation. In not being aware, we are aware we are not Being. And so we neglect the essence of life itself.

The wonderful thing about present moment realization is that there is no ‘pay-back’. The moment we fall into presence, we inhabit the place of possibility. No matter our circumstances. We catch-up with our-self, and all becomes 'acceptable'. We fall into trust and self-belief – and powerfully, the knowing that nothing can distill this moment from our senses. We live outside of limitation.



  • Remove the concept of limitation from your mental think-tank. Find new words, emotions, feelings. Adopt these instead and be sure to notice the underlying intention. If it comes from an energy of lack, dig deeper for a more useful outlook.
  • Layer the emotions as much as possible. By this I mean absorb experiences and feelings which support present-moment acceptance. In this way we gain greater depth and grounding into each moment.
  • Observe your beliefs. Beliefs are an accumulation of thoughts. As you change your thinking, your beliefs will adapt. Give them space to do so. You are more powerful than your beliefs. Own your ability to transcend an experience – whilst being fully in it. There is freedom in this.
  • Be aware of your limitations of past. Spend some precious time re-framing these – so you can let go of energies around them. Get professional help to do this if need be. As you transmute and upgrade the energies, you will naturally be led to new possibilities and meaningful adventures. You will experience a lightness of being which will refresh your senses and your soul.
  • Live from what’s possible in the moment, knowing all can change in an instant. From this place, practice gratitude knowing you are appreciating each and every moment of your day and hence your life.