One Million Words


It took one million words for me to accept and trust myself. Hand written, almost daily, for five years.

The words I wrote were channelled from my spirit guide whom I call Mr P and is the spirit of Plato. It began suddenly one day in 2013 and I have been ‘downloading’ passages, by hand, ever since.

Plato was a philosopher in Ancient Greece around 400BC, recognised as being a prolific writer – as still seems to be the case (I now channel a few guides, interestingly all prolific writers in their time). I have been immersed in learning and great wisdom: the passages both profound and useful. Often, more often than is perhaps comfortable to acknowledge, I have needed reassurance and encouragement – always given with immense love and consideration for my ‘human’ experience.

And yet I have resisted. Letting go into the divine aspect of our-self is one of the bravest acts we can take – and perhaps the most valuable. In the six years I have been channelling I have faced fear and disapproval, the ending of friendships and the acceptance of my gift, thoughts, emotions and truth. I have delved into past life experiences and re-evaluated the meaning I have of this life. I have sought the wisdom of my guides and been relentless in my exploration of what-is. At each stage, as I saw greater truth, my resistance would also grow.

Channelling requires the ability to trust. The words I publish are unedited and land on the page because I am able to get myself out of the way whilst also keeping a simultaneous eye on proceedings. But when it comes to trusting myself, this has been a different matter. Because this involves trusting our ability to love – even when our society or environment doesn’t love in the same way.

Clearing old energies – whether verbal, mental, emotional or physical – is essential to developing trust. I began this process with my experience of cancer and completed it through the one million words. There will always be more - life makes sure of that - but it’s important to recognise when a cycle is complete, because it’s only following this higher vibration of letting go and letting be that we allow the letting in.

A surprise for me was waking one day to realise I was ready to let the one million words go. It was not something I had considered before; how could I throw away such profound wisdom and love from none other than Plato? I had always considered the words as priceless. But it was time. I now had trust. I had grown, and the energy was now old. It had to go – all of it: the numerous books and pages; all except the manuscripts and my new work. That same day, they went.

What equally took me by surprise, not even 24 hours later, was the emerging realisation that underneath and fuelling every single word shared and written had been a desire to understand love…so I could share it.

When we reach greater levels of trust we evoke greater capacity and awareness of love; and when we blend love and trust a new world opens before us…that of unconditional love. We each share a million words, a million thoughts and feelings with each other. This is what life is, and when it comes from this place of emerging truth, the exchange is beautiful.

Photo Credit - Simson Petrol