The Creating of Awareness


Awareness creating isn’t about doing less or doing more; it’s about the space between the two, as we become mindful to what-is. We observe what we notice, with interest and detachment, creating a stability distinct from the awareness itself. The more grounded we become in our place of observation, the more we notice – about ourselves and our external reality – as our mind transmits the awareness. In the absence of the chatter, our minds become free to do their job.

We create our reality from our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives. What you find annoying, I may find entertaining, and what you see as beautiful, I may see otherwise. It’s what makes us unique. But irrespective of our interpretation, the awareness – whether conscious or unconscious – creates the outcome. Being ‘aware’ of the awareness puts us in charge of our mind, and therefore our results. As we flow with the greater perspectives, we understand why things happen and unfold as they do,

Awareness, through its present-moment quality, increases levels of trust. You could say that trust is a by-product of awareness. The present is the point of power, and awareness allows us to observe this – even if we do not, yet, know how to engage with it.

We have over 50,000 thoughts a day; many of these repetitive, as we critique ourselves instead of critiquing the perception. These thoughts affect our mind, body, spirit and emotions – and if not released, create discomfort. If we don’t allow the unconscious to become conscious, it becomes held in our bodies and becomes stress. With awareness, we begin to notice this and things begin to shift. Acceptance that we are not the thoughts allows them to arise and pass….and creates space within.

When we own our energies, we own our power. And the first step in owning ourself is to observe our-self – not just the nice bits, but all of us. The positive and the negative, the light and the dark, the best and worst. When we observe ‘what-is’, we have access to informed choice. Because nothing is excluded – consciously, at least – we begin to trust our choices.

Thought is creativity. Everything we see in the physical was once a thought. With awareness, we enable ‘new thought’. New awareness requires new energy to invite new thought. It’s how change happens…conscious change as we partake in our reality. By doing less, we create more, as gradually we begin to trust the new thought rather than the repetitive cycles. The stories we attach to, and create a life around, come into the spotlight, and fall away. A silence surrounds us and a stillness arises. And still we observe.

From the backdrop of awareness, we see deeper and wider, becoming conscious of who and what we are. We become more available to ourselves. From this place we see, and trust in, a belief in our right to create. We become both the observer and the creator.

Photo Credit - Stein Egil Liland