This tool has been channelled, for me to share with you. It’s a moment of reflection, to grasp underlying thoughts and emotions which can help guide us forwards. The main purpose of my guide’s messages and work is to help us access, listen to, and trust our inner instinct and truth (for all ‘external’ guidance is only to trigger this inner resonance and personal truth). This is a small tool to help with this. Used as a daily practice, it will shape your life.

Step 1 – Rely on yourself only for guidance and reflection. Keep all thoughts in relation to others – no matter the circumstance – out of the next 5-10 minutes (this is not as easy as it sounds).

Step 2 – Take a blank sheet of paper (loose and unlined is preferable) to highlight the preciousness and individuality of the presenting day. This sheet of paper represents your day.

Step 3 – Date and time it. Notice how you feel in response to this simple act of presence. Listen to what your body wishes to say in response to this. You are now opening the channels to yourself at a deeper level. Notice what the head says, but talk and listen to your heart, soul and body. It’s a rich and fertile ground. (It is vital to actually write down – a couple of words or images will do – and not just ‘think’ the answers).

Step 4 – Ask the paper what ‘it’ wants for you today. Not what you should/must/have to do (this is not a to-do list) but what ‘it’ wants. Capture on paper the essence of this…preferably just 1 thing. Write the first answer which comes up for you even if it doesn’t make sense – this is the point of the practice. Breathe this into all the cells in your body.

Step 5 – Ask yourself what or how ‘you’ would like to do/feel/be today? Keep the words simple. Less is much more with this tool. Release any judgement or critiquing or ‘how to’. Just allow it to be upon the paper.

Step 6 – Note anything else which comes up and then let it all go. Put the paper to one side – until bedtime – and then you may either place it away out of sight or destroy it if you wish. Draw on gratitude as you do so.

Tomorrow, a new day.

This simple tool is powerful in many ways. If practiced daily, at the start of your day, (even if we don’t feel we need it or are ‘too busy’) it creates powerful new connections in the external world. Most importantly, it cultivates a deeper listening to ourselves – the most underrated ability we have. As this consistently improves – and is honoured by presenting to oneself each day – the body and psyche begins to trust in itself. You become able to trust you, because you are listening to you – regularly and with openness.

The key to this tool, is to hold it very lightly and enjoy it – to note what arises and then let it go. In this act alone, the work is done.