The Grateful Approach

Gratitude, as well as being a wonderful energy to be in, is highly grounding. It is also the place of healing and ascension as it evokes the state of neutrality. Because gratitude contains no lack or absence, and no forward movement, it brings us into balance. It is a natural pause into the present moment, a portal into peace.

Spend time each day within the energy of gratitude. Find ways to see everything you do through this lens. Gratitude cannot be faked, so better to find the smallest thing to be grateful for rather than ‘try’ to be positive. The former is a +1, taking us directly to the state of neutrality, the latter: an observation from lack requiring effort.

A wonderful practice is to note, each night, something you are grateful for. I often suggest my clients do this practice through recalling their ‘special moment’. It is a simple practice with a multitude of benefits. “I wonder what my special moment will be today?” opens our awareness as we go about our day. As we look for things, people or experiences we can be grateful for, we actively change our outlook and raise our vibration, flooding our body with beneficial hormones in the process. When it comes to recording our favourite moment, we re-experience the sensations, layering the benefits (it is important to jot it down by hand, even if just a couple of words – apparently it ‘moves’ the awareness in the brain). Often we find we have many moments to choose from, and the moments which gave the most pleasure can be surprising. As a practice, it creates awareness of what we actually find meaningful, allowing space for the subconscious to rise and emotions to pass. We experience greater flow and alignment between our inner and outer worlds, resulting in a tangible sense of belonging and grounded connection.

Allow gratitude to be the guide to what you enjoy.