GROUNDING - stage 1

A daily practice, is to ground. It is essential to our experience as a physical human being. It keeps us sane, connected and true to the life we are having. And despite seeming counter-intuitive, it speeds up the process of growth.

Usefully, grounding as a practice supports acceptance, detached awareness and trust. Through the process of connecting to the earth we instil a sense of safety and release. We move out of flight or fight. Our subtle energy bodies re-align to the earth’s magnetic field and we fill with charged particles. It harmonizes our physical body and brings a sense of peace and quiet strength.

Of course we experience this in many ways: walking, exercise, cooking, gardening, cleaning or time in nature might be the way we decompress and return to balance; but by adding a daily practice of conscious awareness to our body – experiencing grounding from the inside-out – we change our relationship with reality.

Begin your daily practice of grounding by spending 3-5 minutes each day feeling the soles of your feet on the Earth (you don’t need to be physically on the ground itself, it works on the 6th floor of an apartment too, even in an airplane…and can be done sitting too). Allow your attention to drop into your body and use your mind’s eye to feel your feet (and base, if you are sitting) sinking into the ground, with your energetic roots going deep into the core of the Earth. See your connection to this deep earthly centre. Turn your left palm to face the ground. Feel the nourishing energy coming up through your palm and feet and filling your body and aura. Breathe this in, and allow your body to recalibrate by releasing what it no longer needs and soaking up what it does.

The true benefits from this practice come from layering the daily application and inner-connection. Of course you may spend longer than 3-5 minutes, but most important is to do it little and often and to be the most present you can be during the process. Even 1 minute every day has benefit.

NB. During times of shock, heightened emotions, during medication, post operation or medical procedure including dentistry, when travelling, lacking sleep, during any time of deep or powerful transition or when making important decisions, grounding becomes even more important. Practice it as often as needed.