GROUNDING - stage 2

The decision to surrender to ourselves is an act of intense kindness, vulnerability and transgression.

In this simplest of acts we become at one with ourself and all that is. We recognise a sense of belonging and rapture. We arrive home, and into direct presence.

Whenever you have such a moment, however fleeting, grasp it with all your senses. Anchor it into your cells and allow the essence of who you are to expand to include the ground you walk upon.

Your heart and soul will adore you for it.

Grounding happens in many ways. The thought of grounding is a simple step we can take towards a fuller life. Many think of ‘being trapped’ when grounding, but in fact we become freer, of higher vibration – able to do, observe and experience more. It’s not less, but an opening to greater ability. We experience to the degree we can observe and be.

Stage 2 of grounding is to adopt a grounded lifestyle and approach. Do all you do, but with the inclusion of your divine place on earth – on this planet of ours. And when the special moments come, grasp them and know them as truth. We are what we repeatedly do. And remember…always hold it lightly.