Within all we do, we move gently to and from safety and challenge. Sometimes, the two will collide – and this is when we can have our most powerful experiences.

Aiming to always feel safe can dramatically reduce tension and static stress in the body. What will change, will be our perception of what is safe. One day work or a relationship may feel safe, the next it may not. What is changing, is not the other person or event, but your perception of what is now, truly, safe. Notice it, and if appropriate, hold it lightly.

As the days go by and as the awareness grows, notice the presence of challenge. This will also have changed in your perception. Allow yourself to feel and notice differently. In these fast-paced energies it is becoming natural to change psyche-wise, and intelligence and awareness-wise, rapidly. Keep to what feels safe and honour this. Take your heart, gut and soul’s advice. Consult your head, and gently adjust your response and action.

Safety will never lead us astray, but it will change. Follow your feet (they too will never lead you astray), and as the podcast advises: ask your heart and soul ‘how they know safety?’ Not in the past, not in the future, but right now. Let it be your guidance.

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Podcast: “How can we know we are safe?” (6 mins)