Living authentically isn’t complicated…but it’s not easy. It’s a practice – day in, day out; moment to moment – and requires ongoing self-awareness and considered action. It requires humility, presence, passion and belief in the goodness and wonder which brings us together…and can be cultivated in 3 qualities or approaches to life:

  • Operate from the heart

  • Treat everyone how you would like to be treated

  • Give no more than you would give yourself

Each of these qualities brings greater awareness and savouring of life, and in their conjunction and blending, they spark the quality of authenticity which endears us to the promise of life. All 3 require conscious participation and all 3 spark increased creativity, but it is perhaps the third which we can find hardest to integrate – because it calls on us to raise our levels of self-awareness, self-compassion, self-expression, self-love (I could go on…) to align to balance and neutrality. In ensuring we are included within all our choices, we are able to give more to others whilst retaining our centre of gravity. There is never any loss or compromise, and therefore endless -and lightly held - enthusiasm. “No” becomes as easy as “yes”, and neither become obstacles, as we come into alignment with a vision which includes the authenticity of others alongside our own. We see others through the eyes of our heart.

As incentive to adopt the practice of living more authentically and from the heart, I share a sentence which was given to me when channelling my guides. Its uncomplicated and raw honesty blew me away: “You will not hear someone who is living their truth ever talk of lack of time.”

Now that’s an aspiration of note, isn’t it?