What Does Your Body Think About That?

Our minds are just one aspect of our body – we have so much more to us than our conscious thought process. Most of our thoughts are subconscious, with the body operating ‘silently’ and without direct order. We breathe, digest, flush waste; our hearts beat, we regulate our temperature, create hormones…the list is endless. Within these ‘actions’ are held beliefs. A blueprint runs the show – and we own the blueprint…are guardians of our physical body.

Within our body we also store emotions and thoughts. In the work I do with clients, we often tune into an aspect of their body; it’s fascinating the information a breast, or knee, or hip for instance might hold. And with the release comes a physical ease.

Generally our bodies are wiser than our minds; they hold deeper truth and insight. Memories, once suppressed, reveal perspectives which cast greater information than any book or teaching can. We always know what’s ‘real’ for us – we just have to trust it.

The mind, the thinking ego aspect of us, has great value…but it can get in the way. When we want to truly know how we feel, we must ask our body, not our head. As I say to my clients: “chop your head off and listen from the neck down.”

Listening to our bodies when we are healing from illness or discomfort is particularly important. By tuning into the source as opposed to the symptom, we can hear the beliefs fuelling the expression. The body knows what it is doing: creating homeostasis within the context of itself. We must support it, dropping to ‘its’ pace and requirements; meeting its needs. It is in the neutrality that it heals. As it lets go, ‘it’ begins to trust ‘us’ – the operator and vision holder. We begin dialogue.

This ‘open-exchange’ is vital no matter our level of wellbeing. An illness is a manifestation of energy and we need to keep the channels open. Allow your body to guide you to the source of any discomfort – physical, mental or emotional. You will be surprised at the capacity we hold.