Hand on Heart

At any moment of the day, whenever you feel uncertain or in need of some reassurance, place your left hand on your heart and ask it:

“What do I need to know right now?”

Listen…and trust the answer. You don’t have to action the wisdom if you don’t wish to, but allow yourself to trust it. There is great power in this.

It takes just 3 minutes to move from fight or flight and stress mode, into rest and restore mode. Listen to your heart through your left hand (the hand of receiving and nurturing) and enjoy breathing into and around your heart area. The heart-energy can be felt best from the centre of your chest; whilst physically it may be to the left, it’s energy radiates from the centre. Allow the attention from your head to drop down, freeing space for the listening as you breathe deeper into your tummy to support the experience.

Beneficial is to practice dropping into our heart when it's not needed, and in calm times, so we are more comfortable and practiced for the trickier moments.