We cultivate trust by listening. And the first place to listen, is to our-self. Not just to our minds, but down into our bodies. This journey into our bodies can be challenging for some, and a relief and deep pleasure for others. Either way, it is the way to go. Always.

We do this by allowing our-self to be with our thoughts. Just to be alongside them, accepting them as they are. Don’t look for answers, try to fix anything or need an outcome. You may wish to develop an outlet for the thoughts, such as a journal, or perhaps some gentle movement with no agenda. What is important, is to just be, with yourself, for some moments each day. Stillness and quiet time. Keep it small and regular. One minute even, daily. Consistency is the most important element when building trust. Your body and mind need to believe you will be there for them.

As you develop a rhythm, your psyche will relax and begin to trust you, knowing that each day it will be heard. This is how we develop self-trust.

N.B. I can’t emphasise enough how important this time with yourself is. Regular, consistent moments to listen and be with who you are. Wonderful!

“My direction is ever inward, where guidance awaits me.” – Anon

This quote, given to me by a dear and gifted friend early in my spiritual awakening, was my mantra for 4 years. If it resonates, let it be yours.