Once we let go into acceptance, life changes and unfolds to a different tune. Self-acceptance, acceptance of others, acceptance of what-is. It’s the game-changer. It allows us to drop the resistance and the effort. Passion and belief in what’s true remains, but the useless’ness and heaviness of life can vanish…just like magic.

Acceptance is the ability to be with our-self and the unfolding moment – whatever that is. It creates freedom and enlightenment. Choices gain clarity. Life deepens. We breathe through the adjustment to a softer, stronger ground. We become what we always were, meeting ourselves at the heart of who we are.

If we deny, we deny life itself – and anything which is not in acceptance is in denial. We are pushing against life, rather than flowing with it. The resistance to who we are – and reality as it actually is – creates a separation and hence a vacuum. What fills this vacuum will not be in our best interests. We will be treading water, creating elaborate and subconscious plans of avoidance and distraction; excuses will lead us away from our truth and down the paths of others, and procrastination will be our justification. Replayed stories of past will seep into the vacuum, along with anxiety toward our future. Our ego will ensure we see it all as we cultivate addictive behaviours to manage the unbearable ache. We will feel trapped, because we are trapped – within a vacuum of our making. And it is all an illusion.

Acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like what we are seeing. We may not agree with what’s unfolding. We may want change. But it’s acceptance which enables our action and our contribution. We cannot create peace from avoiding war, and we cannot move forward by denying where we are now. The safest ground is the ground beneath our feet. It gives the clearest view and informs the wisest action. It stands us in our power.

Every day, practice acceptance.