Are you wishing to ‘not die’ …or are you wishing to live?

However you interpret this question, it’s a thought we come to at some point in our life. Sometimes our moment of realisation is gradual, of many little moments, and sometimes it is sudden. My introduction to myself was a physical one, via cancer. Yours will most likely be different. It may be a niggling feeling which will not go away, despite best efforts; or it may be emotionally induced. It can have no reason and, as the saying goes, be ‘the straw which broke the camel’s back’. However it happens, welcome to yourself. It’s a wild adventure and one which requires bucket loads of bravery, self-compassion…and utmost trust. It’s the transition.

The transition is the point of decision to undertake the journey; to begin with the end in mind – to create an outcome – without knowing where that will be or what it will look like. It’s the all-in. And you may, without realising, already be in it.

When we transition, we enter a liminal space of untold time and depth, living and moving in the unknown. It’s the ‘answering the call’ and seeing that the picture is bigger than the immediate experience. It’s entering the flow of what life has in store for us. And it epitomises trust.

When such a shift happens, everything changes. It’s a journey, as we slowly but steadily transmute our emotions and energies. Gradually, and perhaps suddenly for some, we lose our tightly held identity as we discover what wishes to come through. We emerge from within ourselves. We become someone we wish to be with, as opposed to being someone we think others want to be with. We find a new rhythm. And we discover that what needs to stay, stays. We discover our truth.

When we look at things differently, they become different. This is what we explore and experience in the liminal space of transition. We master our ability to self-create and to adapt. We become resourceful and eager; seeing depth, not seeking distance. We learn how to let go because we learn who we are. We discover our spirit.

So the question is: “Are you willing TO LIVE, no matter what it takes?”

Be your own hero. Inspire yourself.