What’s your view of the world?

There are two views of the world. We can experience and see the world as a fundamentally safe place, or we can experience and see the world as a fundamentally dangerous place to be. Whichever outlook we are living will infiltrate and affect all we see and do.

Trying to find safety within a world believed to be dangerous, will be challenging to the senses, creating a sense of separation and effort. Conversely, a challenging experience will be easier to transcend when we believe the world to be one of safety and ease. Understanding your 'starting place' will greatly help in understanding your responses and actions.

Be open to experiencing deep or sudden shifts in perception. It can happen that our core belief can switch, taking everything with it. This can be particularly powerful when our world - our view of reality - flips from being dangerous to safe. And it can be disturbing when it flips from safe to unsafe...something which often happens in childhood and can happen at any stage of life.

The process of allowing our world to be a safe one, where for the most part we see the human race as fundamentally good, honest and loveable is the bedrock of spiritual awakening and healing. In this transition from fear to trust, we can find ourselves seeing and feeling differently: what we used to find difficult, we no longer do; and what was invisible before, may suddenly become deeply apparent. We may hold both views of the world, but one will always have precedence, related as it is to our nervous system. Become aware of which is currently running your show; it will help create understanding.

Our aim: to experience the feeling of safety, not what we believe safety to be.

“We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye.”

– Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan.