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What's your view of the world?

This week's energy tip is to consider your fundamental view of the world. Is it a safe world, or is it dangerous? One uses energy, the other works in harmony with our energy. To read more about the 2 views: click HERE for TOOL FOR LIFE #12.


Episode 36: ‘What are the purpose of nightmares or negative feeling dreams?

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Click here to read my article published by Those London Chicks. It’s a subject close to my heart, personally and professionally.

I share why seeing ourselves as well, no matter our health ‘status’ is so important…and perhaps even more powerfully, how seeing others as well affects our personal approach to life.

WEEKLY PASSAGE from The Teachings of Mr P:

‘Have you not considered….how little love and virtue are discussed at school? Why it should be included every day! For how can society expect to raise grounded, balanced members of society otherwise? Let the child decide if he or she wishes to pursue education via religion, but don’t deny the child the knowledge of wisdom and choice!’ p 98. The Teachings of Mr P.



The lower stomach houses much in the way of possibility and ‘future’. It is the passage of the old, to enable the new. It creates through its excretion and ‘revolving’ nature. Within the lower stomach is a powerful and strong energy system, creating in its flow feedback to the rest of the body. It is also a great harbourer of staticity, and so in the energetic vortex of the lower stomach, static energy can impede flow and health. Staticity, over and above a limited amount for useful rotation of the energy field is not helpful to the system: a build up of energies and forces, themselves attracting corresponding energies. A daily practice of ‘neutralising’ the lower stomach area is recommended, no matter one’s personal health in this area for it will revitalize the energy of the whole body. Imagine, in the mind’s eye, any static being released - floating away or being removed with an imaginary wand or feather brush - and the whole area being lightly (this is crucial) cleared. Picture white light floating down through, and conscious release of tension in the area. Give thanks to this area of the body and follow with an aura protection* (see Energy Index Practical Resources for aura protection*2).

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Delilah has a private practice working in organisations and with private individuals. If you would like to work with Delilah, please contact her at info@DelilahSullivan.com or click HERE.

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"Our greatest potential relies upon our deepest truth." - The Spirit of Plato