“Wisdom, both timeless and modern, available at our fingertips.”

The Teachings of Mr P. is a captivating book of channeled passages ‘downloaded’ by Delilah from her spiritual guide Mr P. The words, unedited and as Delilah ‘hears’ them, include dialogues, tales and reflections. Mr P, in a ‘former life’ was the philosopher known as Plato. A must-read for those who wish a greater understanding of themselves…from the purveyor of the quote "Know ThySelf".

The passages delve into topics such as love, virtue, reason and belief, gravity, space/time and metaphysical interpretations of human behaviour and perceptions – to name but a few – keeping the reader, at all times, centre of the dialogue.

To be taken as we find through our own unique meaning and reflection, this book does much to question our perceptions of what it means to be human, what it means to experience love and how we might better incorporate aspects of the metaphysical and spiritual into our society.

Both practical and intriguing, the book closes with a selection of practices to aid the integration of the soul through cultivation of stillness and inner silence. As we grow in understanding, we gain awareness of the greater wonders of the universe and the intricacies of its inhabitants.

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“This unusual and profound channelled work originated during the author's healing process from cancer. She had no previous specific knowledge about the contents, nor of Plato, ostensibly the alter ego of Mr P, although both characters feature in dialogue. She also found the process liberating in terms of healing from unhelpful emotions, images and thoughts. There are 154 sessions with sequential developments discussing love, emotions, trust, purpose, desire, virtue, self-realisation, time and space. There is no doubt that the reader is engaging with a penetrating mind in view of the exposition, while a number of themes were of course examined by Plato himself. Readers are encouraged to make life choices from within through wisdom and knowingness and to experience emotions fully, for instance joy and love.

On the philosophical side, there are many interesting ideas such as the notion of time-lines, principally those of the current physical lifetime and what is called the master time-line relating to our lessons and loves and the expression of our full capacity. We are encouraged to trust and let go, making time for silence and stillness; then there are 20 practices at the end, mainly designed to quiet the mind and allow inspiring thoughts to come through. The amount of time we live is less important than its quality, as the following quotation indicates: 'Did he or she lead a good life? An enjoyable and purposeful life, spreading love and joy? A life another would be happy living? Did this person cause learning and comfort to flow from their very being? To inspire and receive gratitude? To provoke thought and discussions? Reflection and diversity?' There is much to ponder in this book, so I would recommend reading it as it was written, one session at a time over a period of six months.”


“This is a remarkable book and, if I’m honest, is one I’ll return to again and again to dip into its wisdom. It challenged my thinking and some sections took some time to digest but this is its strength. Because its insights are substantial and the way they’re delivered are fascinating.”
— AMAZON Customer Review
“Written with humility, warmth and clarity, l found this to be one of the most engaging books l’ve read for a very long time. I enjoyed the diary type style which allowed me to ‘dip in and out’, re-read and really absorb at my own pace - it feels quite personal and conversational. I know l’ll go back to it and find further layers - it’s one to keep and refer back to. A very special book.”
— AMAZON Customer Review
“If you want to understand from another perspective, have questions possibly answered, have the boundaries of your mind pushed, benefit from a form of ‘daily guidance’ or in its ‘simplest delivery’, enjoy a fascinating read from a leading edge author ... buy this book.”
— AMAZON Customer Review

From the backcover →

A wonderful exploration into what makes us human, with insights from the divine to guide us to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. The Teachings of Mr P is a book of thought-provoking and philosophical wisdom. By questioning our interpretations and the meanings we take, we are asked to consider topics such as:

  • The power of love – in all its guises, namely in the truth of love.
  • Space/time, randomness, the effects of virtue, reason-and-belief and desire.
  • The intricacies of the metaphysical, in relation to the universe, ourselves, and the concepts we live by.

In quietening the inner mind, we spark thoughts to inspire.