COURSES and WORKSHOPS for your organisation

We are energy beings in a world of energy and thought. The scientists tell us this, and how by creating better understanding, we create better realities. This is not new. But what is new, is the focus we are now bringing to our personal energy field and energetic interactions. What we sense on a personal level is happening in the macro - and we cannot afford to ignore it, individually or collectively.

Our personal energy field affects all we do, think and say. Our feelings, capacity to act and respond from a place of congruence, wisdom and balance, all rely on our ability to self-manage our energies. We must learn new ways of energetic hygiene, sensible protection, and useful energetic contribution.

Our presence - the quality we bring to leadership and society in general - relies upon our ability to manage ourselves and be comfortable within ourselves and what-is - be that the home, the street, the workplace. Voice, commitment, productivity and peaceful growth come from self-awareness. Creativity and the willingness to listen deeply, effectively and with attention require this essential skill of self-awareness and energetic-awareness. It’s a resource we cannot afford to not have - not if we want to keep up with, and grow exponentially within our rapidly changing world.

Delilah offers 3 courses, available as workshops or longer integrative experiences. They deliver impact - and subtle changes at a deeper level as the human experience is expanded to include the working environment. Whatever the creative intention, the courses in Energy Management, Creative Awareness and Human Interaction contribute to a more fulfilling and productive outcome.

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In this workshop we tune in to our personal energy field and learn ways in which we can improve our understanding of ourselves – energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally. We explore how energies affect us in daily and working life and learn tools to release, cleanse, protect and enhance our energy fields, bringing us into greater balance, effectiveness and flow. With self-awareness, we have the valuable ability to influence our interactions with others too. The workshop is experiential, grounding, awareness creating and informative.




This workshop teaches the individual to be aware of time/space/place and energy – to understand the bigger picture, and personal and professional relationships. It recaps on energy awareness – the ‘unplugging’ and the self-management - and uses constellations of energy to show hidden dynamics. It specifically teaches:


  • To listen to self first and foremost.
  • To listen to the environment second.
  • To observe (the person/work/etc) from a distance, as third.
  • To evaluate a wish for connection, or not. What is the movement of time/space/place/energy?

The intention within this workshop is to create awareness and a whole new ‘vacuum’ of listening. We explore not taking things personally, not moving into past or future, and protecting for an open heart – for oneself and others, including our environment.

PART TWO Noticing power exchanges and acknowledging the originator. All energy is in flux. Awareness of one’s space/time/place/energy allows the disconnection from the ‘source’ of power…and connection to a contributing source of more useful energy. What do you, your colleague, the system need? What contribution can you usefully offer? How can you move within time/space/place/energy to create outstanding and neutral contributions?

PART THREE Leaving the moment ‘clean’. All successful contribution relies on a clearing of the energy – to give all components freedom. We finish by learning ways in which to cleanse and release the interaction, moment, day, experience…and return to centre, reconnecting to our self.




The Creative Awareness course fulfills a need for individual exploration and development. We can only grow as a collective or team, if we grow as individuals. This course develops the individual to hold greater capacity and ability of engagement - to identify, inspire and bring forth creativity for personal and collective benefit.

1: BEAUTY What is Beauty and how can we include it in all we do? The workshop begins by connecting us to our individual sense of Beauty and includes an invitation to include it's essence within our experiences and expressions of creativity.

2: COMPASSIONATE INTEGRATION In this section we learn to loosen the mind. Everything we do is either integrating or deferring - even when we are not aware we are doing so. We handle a lot each day; allowing ourself to go easy on ourselves is key to creating joy, ease, and greater scope for creativity. We can't create from 'tightness'; instead we foster flow.

3: EVALUATION BY SELF-EXPLORATION Becoming the observant observer. All awareness begins within. As we move towards a centre in the body, our minds open to exploration. By using our senses, and understanding what experiences mean to us, rather than others, we can broaden our horizons. By ‘unplugging from' the world, we become able to see it more fully.

4: CREATIVE RESISTANCE AND RELEASE The spark of imagination happens in the space between tensions. In ‘stepping back’ we can ‘take the nugget’ and connect with the emerging creativity. We explore working with the push and pull of life. All is a work in progress, involving divine intelligence and information, creating the colour and giving ‘life’ to the project and the day.

5: AWARENESS WITHIN THE CREATIVITY Harboring a sense of perspective. The ability to move, to adapt – agility within the moment – comes from grounded perspective. Where are you centered physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically when you are creating? What helps you step in and step out of your creativity? What keeps this fresh?

6: EXPLORING FREEDOM All creative work is an expression of freedom. What creates your freedom? And what does your freedom create? What needs to happen to align these complementary forces? What is ‘the creativity’ requiring from you?

7: AWE AND PRESENCE A full cycle of creative awareness brings us back to ourselves. What do we find? And what do we see from within the awe and presence? What, on our journey of Beauty, is now true and integrated?