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From Delilah:

I channel words and passages from Spirit. In 2013 I began hearing my spirit guide, who I am fortunate to now know. I call him Mr P, and when living, was known as the Greek philosopher Plato (427 – 348 BC). I write the passages by hand and here I share them as a weekly podcast…answers to questions you may have.

Since, I have met further guides and now also channel – in the same way – from the Spirit of Wayne Dyer (1940-2015) and my guide R.K., a former English poet and novelist.

We all have questions we would like insight and perspective on. I certainly have needed much guidance in accepting this ability I have, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to share it.

If you have a question you would like answered by the Spirit of Plato, Wayne Dyer or R.K., please send it to me. Submissions remain anonymous and the guides will choose who of the three will respond.

May their words bring much peace, love and joy to your life.