I love working with my clients, and offer 2 main ways to do so, although many clients enjoy a combination of both. Integral to each of them is the discovery of who we are – and in this respect it is also a journey for me, for the more we connect and share, the more I find, we grow as human beings – gaining tools and wisdom in the process. As life unfolds we encounter the recurring need for acceptance, letting go and integration. To facilitate this, I bring an energy of safety to our work so that understanding can be gained and a sense of enlightenment realised. This journey of expansion underpins all the work I do. 

Spiritual Mentoring

One-to-one        £120

(Sessions are 75 minutes in length and available in person (London/Dorset UK or by Skype)

These sessions, whlst of an inquisitive and soul-growth nature, are powerful for aligning our true self with modern life – to enable us to get the best from our experiences and the potential that greater authenticity brings. Personal enquiry and discussion are encouraged as I guide you towards greater self-awareness and ownership. Fears and limitations are released, creating space and balance. As alternative perspectives are explored, new ways of connecting within and with the world around us become reality. To learn more about Spiritual Mentoring click HERE


Energy Awareness Sessions

One-to-one        £150 - £260

(Sessions are 120 mins in length and are best held in person)

These sessions are impactful and transformational, aligning a letting go of fears, energies and emotions with the unfolding desires and vision of the client. They are best held in person and include identification of – and working with – the four bodies (the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies). Sessions are of a healing and grounding nature, creating clarity of thought and purpose.


Corporate Consultations

One-to-one Mentoring Programs    Price & details on Application

Spiritual Mentoring and Energy Awareness within the Organisation, 90 min one-to-one sessions and packages available.