Spiritual development - 2018

Spiritual Development with Delilah Sullivan - a journey of self-discovery open to 12 participants wishing to commit to a year of self-enquiry and developing perspectives.

Classes will be held once a month for 10 months, spread over 12 (December: at home integration & February: no class) with recommended reading (from a selection of titles and/or personal preference) and at home practices to be enjoyed as required.

Participation follows a 15 minute Skype/FaceTime discussion and a desire to commit to the year’s schedule..

The gatherings will be supported by an intention of increasing your self-knowledge, harmony and personal power, though you will of course bring your own intentions and destiny into the mix. Together, personal and spiritual development will be explored as they come into greater alignment.

Topics covered will include, yet are not limited to: awareness, connecting with the field of randomness, inner truth, love, compassion, joy and beauty. We will explore lightly and inquisitively with respect for what emerges - personally, and for the group.

Energy awareness will support the process with self-administered practices and enquiry forming the basis of the work.

This gathering is open to 12 participants only. If you would like to attend or are intrigued to find out more, please contact Delilah to arrange a short call.

Cost:                      £35 per class (for 11 months)

Hours:                   6.30pm – 8.00pm

Location:              Leather Lane, London, EC1. (Holborn - 10 min walk. Farringdon - 5 min walk)

Class Dates:     

Wed 7th March; Wed 4th April; Wed 2nd May; Wed 6th June; Wed 4th July; Aug Wed 1st Aug; Wed 5th Sept; Wed 3rd Oct; Wed 7th Nov.

Dec – at home practice & check in.

Wed 9th Jan 2019 - final gathering.