spiritual mentoring

There are times in our lives when we benefit from guidance and support – from someone who holds our intentions at a distance and non-judgementally.....and will help us to see more clearly the essence of who we are: the lightness, beauty and positive intelligence. It is at times like this mentoring – a partner on the journey to highlight the options ahead – is useful.

Mentoring is the act of supporting, guiding, at times teaching and illuminating the journey being encountered: of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and mental constructs. During a spiritual awakening, in particular, this support can be highly valuable. No two clients are the same; each unfolding of growth is unique and ‘spirituality’ has different and very personal meaning, irrespective of any religious beliefs.

My role, as mentor, is to help you understand and identify what is important to you, to dissolve and transcend fears or limitations and to assist you in integrating into modern life what is true, and becoming true, for you.

At the core of my personal beliefs lies the intention of neutrality – of coming into balance, alignment and wholeness: of life and joy, no matter our circumstances. This process will be different for each of us, will take us to different points of viewing and interpretation, and at all times I hold the non-judgemental belief in the essence of self…of existing and unfolding well-being and awareness: that you, within, know your answers. It is an on-going process which I believe benefits from variety and adventure - of being held lightly - and which I both personally enjoy, and enjoy bringing to my clients.

If you would like to find out more about how a mentoring relationship might work between us, please do get in touch. Sessions can be one-off or as needed, although much benefit can be gained from periods of regular support and reflection. Most important is that the experience works for you and includes what you need for your unfolding well-being and peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to arrange a call to find out more.

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"Through the experience of meaning-making we discover our truth."