Workshops and talks for your event/organisation/workplace - tailor-made to suit your growing needs. Interactive, participatory and effective…giving tools, awareness and presence for greater impact - personally and professionally.



Duration: 40 mins (plus optional Q&A)

In this talk Delilah explains why attention to our personal energy field is so important. You will learn ways in which to improve and manage your energy and energetic interactions with others - creating greater alignment, well-being and connection.



Duration: 45 mins (plus optional Q&A)

In this follow-up experiential talk you will practice tuning into – and gaining greater understanding of – your personal energy field. We will explore how energies affect us in daily life and learn tools to release, cleanse and enhance our energy body. You will learn practical methods of alignment and boundaries, resulting in greater agility and ability in daily life.


WORKSHOP - TRANSFORM YOUR ENERGY and bring balance to your life

Duration: 2.5 hours

Transform your energy by tuning into your personal energy field and learn ways in which you can improve your understanding of yourself energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally.

We will explore how energies affect us in daily life and learn tools to release, cleanse and enhance our energy fields, bringing you into greater balance and ability. This workshop is experiential, informative and wholly useful in day-to-day life - personally and professionally.



Duration: 60 mins

A releasing and grounding hour at the start of each month, which will leave your team energised and focused. Non-physical and powerful guided meditation and coached reflection to let go of old energies, cleanse and allow the body and instinct to share it’s intentions for the month ahead, raising personal and group frequency and clarity in the process.


WORKSHOP - Developing Creative Awareness (Level 1)

Duration: 2.5 hours

This workshop focuses on developing creativity and presence. Our creativity relies upon our ability to explore and be comfortable with what lies within. We will reflect on experiences of beauty, practice compassionate integration, evaluation by self-exploration, creative resistance and release. We will look at awareness from 'within' the creativity, exploring freedom and awe, and developing presence. This is an intimate workshop with the option of a Level 2 workshop to further the expansion.

Developing Creative Awareness is suitable for individuals wishing to explore their personal creativity and self-awareness, and for workplace and organisational teams wishing to align and contribute to projects in novel and constructive ways. The workshop includes reflection, personal note-taking, mindfulness practices and guided meditation to integrate the new awareness, You will leave the workshop feeling energised and open, having connected to new ways of exploring personal creativity.


WORKSHOP - Expanding creative awareness (level 2)

Duration: 2.5 hours

This workshop progresses the awareness from Developing Creative Awareness Level 1 to further the integration of creativity and presence. We will explore ideas and expanded ways of thinking and being - and ways in which we can support the inner creativity to meet with the creativity of others and, if applicable, team projects. Integration relies on a willingness to participate whilst helping the creativity and ideas to grow, evolve and emerge into the world.

This is an intimate workshop open to participants of Level 1. You will leave feeling expanded, energised and able to take the increased creativity further into your day to day and professional life.



If you would like to discuss a tailor-made event or programme of work for your organisation, please do get in touch.

Delilah Is a Corporate and Personal Advisor working one-to-one with individuals and in organisations.

Delilah includes (where applicable): Personal Energy Management, Business Coaching, Medical Coaching, Corporate Consultancy and Mentoring, Spiritual Direction and Mindfulness combined with 20+ years experience working in SME business and finance in Fashion and Media sectors. She holds private one-to-one sessions, workshops, talks and works intensely with individuals on daily rate basis for those wishing greater integration and delivery..

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