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We have one aim:

To plant trees and bring more beauty to our planet and our lives.


Trees for beauty has been established by Delilah Sullivan in response to a calling to add more Beauty to the essence and infrastructure of our trees. Our trees are in crisis and through guidance from Spirit, Delilah has been asked, and is impassioned, to help.

Our lives, too, are in existential crisis as fear and a rush to ‘get somewhere’ consume our levels of presence and connection to this beautiful planet which is our home.

Delilah has one aim: to encourage us to plant as many trees as possible, and importantly, to do so from appreciation and love - never fear. What we have taken from our environment, we must replace and go further: engage in creating the beautiful environment we wish to live in and which we would wish for our children’s children.

The trees are in crisis. Delilah has been informed that we risk - should we reach a tipping point of devastation, destruction and negligence - losing ALL our trees. Our collective assumed right to pilfer and take for granted this natural wonder and essential element of our ecosystem is in danger of affecting not only our individual sense of permanence but our collective existence.

What was also shared with Delilah however, is that the crisis can be reversed; that through planting trees - vast amounts of trees, yet no more than 1 per person on the planet - we can not just avoid catastrophe, but create inner and outer wealth and resource.

As vital as the planting and cultivating is the energy and intention - and commitment - of how we plant. We must want to cultivate not just the trees, but the essence and sense of wonder, respect and kindness they, and we, need. Our thoughts affect all within and around us. We can, through gentleness and care, create a world for generations to come. But we must act now.

We therefore have 3 simple requests of you:

  1. Plant, or arrange the planting of, a tree.

    (if you have other members in your family or dependents, please encourage them to also plant. The planet needs the engagement of all people).

  2. Send appreciative thoughts to and for our trees. Gratitude, a sense of Beauty and reverence are wonderful energies to be in. Enjoy our trees.

  3. Encourage others to do the same.

There are many ways to arrange the planting, restoration and care of trees. From planting a seedling in your garden or locally, to signing up at a charity or organisation of your choice.

If you would like to plant a tree via Trees for Beauty, this can be arranged on your behalf for the amount of £8.00 (or £10 when part of our guided walks or talks). Currently we are planting with Trees for Life in the Caledonian Forest in the UK. All proceeds go towards planting your tree and so much more to raise awareness at this vital time in our evolution.

Plant a tree

Planting domestically? We would love to hear from you - and any stories or images of Beauty! Follow and share on Instagram: @TreesForBeauty

Please join us on this exciting and vital challenge. Together we can change our destiny. (If you would like to get involved, please contact us on Socials or at quoting Trees for Beauty),

September 2019

NEXT ‘Trees for Beauty’ WALK:

SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2019 - Richmond Park, London. 9.30am start - approx 11.30am. £10 per person - all proceeds towards planting a tree per person (and more!) in the Caledonian Forest, UK. (Message on Instagram @treesforbeauty or email to to register attendance and receive full location details).