QUESTION: What is the difference between being helpful and being useful?

ANSWER by Mr P: "When we are helpful we are creating connection (with the ‘event’) from within. The ‘help’ goes towards a subject – be it a person or a situation – and requires our 50% engagement. Not 50% in relation to outcome, but 50% in relation to our participation with our experience of the item requiring our help. It is always an inner/outer reflection. I may help you cook dinner and although I may be in the wings in relation to direct involvement, my engagement with my desire to help you – whether purely to assist you, or to create a faster dinner on my table – is personal. No-one – and I mean no-one – can decide this for us. We may say “Oh but I had no choice if I wanted to see dinner this side of 9pm,” but this would be a lie. The choice is always there. ‘Helpful’, therefore is a self-realising choice. And this is why it is such a valuable question you pose. For many think they are helping others but are in fact, solely helping themselves.