QUESTION: 'When is enough, enough?'

ANSWER:  When we learn to listen to our bodies we begin the navigation towards self-enlightenment; but this raises the obvious question of: ‘when is enough, enough if there is always more?’

The search for: more, better, bigger, more meaningful, compromises our instinct to root and nest – to enjoy what we have. ‘More’ is deemed expansive, open and tantalising in its beckoning; but costly when at the expense of comfort and resonance.

Our bodies are perfect examples of the blueprint we might use in our external world, raising two important questions: ‘What is my personal interpretation of enlightenment?’ and ‘When is this enough for me right here, right now?’

Often – too often for our health – we interlink a desire for the feeling state of enlightenment with our responses to our bodies and physical state. Subconsciously we seek the elusive something which we satisfy through consuming, expressing or suppressing – or a combination of all. That higher state of expansion of spirit, sought via input or output rather than through the essence of being and connection with our spirit. The means we seek, concealing our true authenticity.

Enough becomes enough when we register, and acknowledge, that our spirit – the essence of who we are, warts and all – is who we are; whether we feed it, love it or ignore it. Our spirit, in itself expansive and en-light-ened. It is enough. But our physical aspect – the body we inhabit – needs our care and love…and just a touch of playfulness.

With connection to our deeper essence, our observations of supply and demand, access to states of enjoyment and perspectives of the world around us change. We see our physical, emotional and mental needs adjust. Aspects subside and desires emerge changing fundamentally the input we need to survive as a spiritually connected being in the physical world. Enlightenment, through inner connection, allows us to receive directly what we were perhaps seeking in other less authentic or demanding ways.

Greater well-being, I would suggest, happens when we feel a sense of connection and purpose; when we feel aligned. This alignment – of feeling whole and at-one with ourselves – happens when we feel, just for a moment, enough. When we are not looking for anything, when we trust and experience a sense of fulfillment. This sense of fulfillment, however brief, is available at any time, in any place, for any of us.