Reasoning through experience is perhaps more useful than we realise. But how do we know what is a useful experience to resonate with? What is helpful when faced with so much choice, and confusion?

ANSWER by Mr P: "When faced with choice the focus of attention has to be on the desired outcome – but this can be easier said than done, for most are not aware of their true desired outcome or wish. Most are not aware of the location of personal truth.

Truth is a complex phenomenon, translated loosely as what is ‘right’. There is righteousness yes, but not in so much of a ‘thing’ or locality – more of a conditionality of what is relevant and resonates with one’s inner sense of rightness.

The misconception of truth is what deviates our attention from the object of our interest – ourselves and our fellow man and woman – to the intricacies of what one is doing or not doing within the exchanges of existence. “Do I consider such action or behaviour as truth?” or “do I resonate with what he or she is saying/doing/creating/destroying?” are more likely thoughts to have. And as such, man has ‘tipped out’ of himself.

Creating a deepening sense of Self is what enables the ability to resonate. Without the contrast and enmeshment of one’s inner core, how can diction he formed, or instances reflected? What would constitute a benevolent approach given a lack of benevolence to oneself?

The resonation of an experience is not the reflection of one’s wishes or dreams cast upon another, but the impact of one’s desires being lived through an external representation of one’s truth. Truth is an internal reflection ‘of oneself’ – the contrast of one’s inner enmeshment and as such is not available for discourse. Truth cannot be discussed, ruminated or expressed – the attempt to do so diminishes the intensity of the very essence of its power. Truth speaks to no-one but the holder of its chagrin. Its purpose: to enlighten not the beholder, but the instigator of the wheel. For truth is a wheel we turn and a symbol of our freedom. In cranking the wheel of truth, we enlighten our sense of Self.

The purpose of truth is the creation of understanding – not for the benefit of experience but the experience of benefit. Truth enables a gentler, more ennobled life. It elevates and ingratiates to not posture and standing but consistency and strength. In walking in one’s truth, one holds one’s surroundings lightly and with ease.

So if truth is an inner effect, what causes its emergence? How does one get one’s hands upon such a wheel of fortune? And how does one hear a sound pertaining to the whispers of Self and not society?

This we do by combining cause and effect. It is not the resonation of the experience but the experience of resonating, full-stop. Man resonates with no need for outcome, purely because this is how he feels his way forward. The vision creates the effect but the resonation causes the feeling which enables all to emerge. When man resonates in his own power, in his own belief, and within her immense beauty of Self, mankind benefits in untold ways.

Choice and confusion and doubt and misconception all combine to provide fuel and contrast to man’s desire to know himself. Yet it is his truth – his personal, ethereal and wholly consistent truth – the whisper that he dare not utter, which frees him to understand that his call is not to know truth, but to let go of the need for truth itself – to take his hands off the wheel and to allow his inner compass to guide him forth. The resonation is not of the experience, but of himself. As such, he becomes informed by not the external, but the combination of what he sees and he feels. He becomes himself."