How can we create greater brilliance in our lives when instructions in life lessons offer reflection of self?

ANSWER by Mr P: 'To gain greater ‘brilliance’ one must be prepared to understand oneself – indeed this is what creates the platform for the show or projection of life experienced. The reasoning required for the understanding of oneself comes from the input, resonance and reflection from the externality of life or one’s reality. But a life which ‘shines’ is one within which the Self is allowed its fullness and to expand – a Self within which all parts are welcome in conversation.

The understanding of one-Self comes as a result of exploration of the psyche. This is a process which culminates at a given point in time with one’s acceptance of the external. The inner sense of comprehension and allowance of what-is, of what one-is, grows to meet a diminished interpretation of the external. One’s perception of the external has been investigated, ruminated, held against the light, and accepted. When these two points of view come to meet in contrasting yet aligned union, a static electricity and connection is formed. New life is formed.

Shining one’s brilliance is an act of fruition. It is non-negotiable when the currency lines converge to create not a space of newness but a flow of staticity: the spark created by the mergence of Randomness now able to flow to effect. This is how brilliance shines – how a light-bulb illuminates.

The reflection of Self – a necessary precursor to the understanding of Self - enables the current to find its way and to inhabit the parts. But the act of allowing the mergence and meeting of one’s inner and external realities is what constitutes ‘light’. In this space man shines.

Creating an environment where the instigation of flow and brilliance can occur is an on-going and perpetual phenomena. It is the experience – as it is currently understood – of space-and-time, and of creationism. One cannot separate ‘that’ experience from ‘this’ experience – all are interlinked to form chains of connection and links of exchange. But what ‘is’ possible is to place conscious awareness upon the environment fertilizing the flow. A broken lamp will not shine a light, and yet the breaking of a lamp can also enable a new light – a new source.

Understanding one’s currency – the present current of electromagnetic flow one wishes to partake in – is what enables brilliance to shine. There is no point trying to be what one is not. A sheep cannot be a horse, and so why would a woman try to be a man or a child an adult? An academic may not best serve in a field, or a farmer in an office – and so why punish and push the parts of the psyche which resist direction? Man and woman must be all they can be. For an authentic model of Self shines the brightest of all.'