TIme tells itself. How can man reflect him or herself in consistent union of being and doing?

ANSWER by Mr P:  ‘When "the clock ticks" momentary pauses capture the distance between the cause and the effect. "Tick-tock, tick-tock." The tick creates the tock, which creates the subsequent tick. But it is the pauses which enable the flow of movement – the corresponding impetus of action towards and from.

The telling of time happens also in the pauses. One stops to observe the clock, the setting of the sun or the feeling effect of extended action. Time noticed not within itself, but aside from itself; as observer and observed.

Wishing time to be "different," alternative, (whether less or more extended within the space of life) negates the positive effects of time itself. Time only has meaning within itself as part of the contrast of observation. Take away "time" and life continues – the sun rises and the sun sets, the moon rises and the moon sets – the flow of universal truth.

So how can one refrain from inconsistent and defamatory observations of the essence of man’s means of measuring? By observing not him or herself in relation to the passing of time, but through the lens of time itself: by the pausing within oneself in order to observe oneself.

Time is relational to the demands of one’s substance upon the planet. A tree’s time is quantified by its existence in proportion to its potential. The same, equally true of man. By noticing within the pauses not the passage of one’s observation caught within energetic and emotional ties, but the potential WITHIN oneself, enables the acute sensation of time passing THROUGH oneself. The observation now of oneself and not the external.

When one notices – and importantly FEELS – the movement of the causes and effects, the pauses and the flows, one can know with absolute certainty of the non-existence of time and the presence of the eternal. "Time" merely a snapshot vista from the eternal projector of what-is. As such, it is the space which attracts the presence of oneself, not the time which distracts to another.

Being and doing are elements of existence configured into metaphoric understandings to simplify one’s point of viewing. But in such analysis, the formation of time/space resounds not to a tune of the heartbeat but to the drum. And drums beat to the tune of the hand which holds. As such, man is the creator of both his time and his understanding of his or her role within the collection of moments creating the experience deemed life.

Observe not the clock, nor the resonance of "doing" in relation to such, but stand within the pause to notice oneself. From this place comes the certainty which allows the perfection of flow towards what is understood as an altogether different experience of life: the combination of the elements.’