Touch is an important aspect of being human. But what does it mean in relation to greater awareness?

ANSWER by Mr P:  "When we feel, we come alive. Perhaps increasingly so, or perhaps an awakening of first instance – of something utterly and completely new. As man ‘falls in love’ he, or she, is touched by something unlike another – by an aspect which triggers fortitude and inspiration.

Falling into love happens moment to moment – if we allow ourselves to be touched in new and wonderful ways. Living momentarily within a feeling creates this opportunity.

But what of physical being? Of the resonance and connection a hand upon an arm, an outstretched offering or an embrace can bring? Why does this involve a reminiscence and ‘pang’ within the psyche? What is being triggered aside the warmth and comfort of the heat of human connection?

Touch is an ability to sense the world around us. We learn as babies and children to reject or abscond from what feels harmful, ‘not nice’. And we gravitate to the pleasure and comfort. But what if an absence of touch influenced the upbringing? What if touch played little part in the formulation of life’s path?

When we embrace the feeling of touch, we automatically embrace it in all areas of life. To feel touched emotionally creates a physical response in the body; to feel touched physically creates, likewise, emotional and mental responses and awareness; and to be touched spiritually, inordinately affects man physically.

Understanding that we cannot shift in one area of life or reality without effecting adjustment and infinitesimal change in the other areas enables a broader, and frankly more pleasurable, outlook. If touch creates enjoyment, then why would one not indulge?

The resistance to touch, when applicable and appropriate, signifies resistance to one’s sense of belonging within the comfort of mankind. The energy of upbringing may not have offered much in the way of pleasurable touch – and indeed the healing from improper touch creates contrast of feeling and viewing – but at all times one can decide to alter one’s viewpoint – to open the soul and heart and mind to the benefits and pleasure significant and heart rendered touch can bring – whether physical, spiritual, emotional or mental.

Energetic touch is perhaps the most powerful of all forces man feels, with the least understanding. Energetic forces create the basis of all matter and movement and without realising the impact we can find that the touch of energy has blind-folded awareness of man. In Spirit we partake in energetic streams, but in the physical these streams, once man is submerged, can, without awareness, nullify the senses to new forms of feeling and resonance.

Falling in love is, at its core, the awareness of a new energetic stream – the touch of newness infiltrating the heart and energy-body of man, and of woman. Touch, as the gift man experiences in the physical, is to be valued and appreciated, for nothing exists as powerful as the beauty of touch."