QUESTION: Tell me Mr P. about Plato please?

(The previous evening I had attended a local philosophy talk about Plato. In response to my inquisitiveness - and sensitive to the upcoming publication of the channeled book - Mr P offered the following response. It is the first time he has spoken of Socrates. To-date we have focused on the work at hand, not his ‘past’ - somehow it did not seem relevant and anyway, what I was writing has been more than enough to absorb! But that day I had questions and needed some answers.  The following is an extract of a channeled reply to me, to ihelp reassure me prior to the release of the book and discussing how the work thereafter might evolve).

ANSWER by Mr P:  "When I was Plato my dear, I understood so much. As you can appreciate, one can ‘see’ truth even if one does not understand its workings or impact necessarily. But explaining this, whilst it was ‘obvious’ to me, can be difficult to explain to others. I did a fair job I think though.

My relationship with Socrates was a most wonderful affair! A true joining of souls on a journey to enlighten the world – and yet, this we cannot do can we? We can only but influence our closest circle – those ready to understand why the impact of learning matters so much. Knowledge, my dear, is the wonder of existence. For to know love, wonder, truth, is the experience, no? :) Our ‘mistake’ back then, also the result we have now.

My ‘teachings’ as Plato have, surprisingly to me, ‘taken hold’. Without appreciating the impact, they…’impacted’. And this, with hindsight, is because I pursued the journey in subsequent lives and endeavours. It has remained ‘a purpose’. This is what we are doing now…continuing the work. It adapts, changes, morphs, but nevertheless, the work continues.

People, Delilah, will accept the suggestion of myself in the metaphysical as far as they can accept the reality of the metaphysical. This for now, is our audience – until word travels. The philosophical angle will come later. Until then, focus just as you are.

When we, Delilah, have the situation you find yourself in now – of having ‘two sides’: the spiritual and the physical – the only way is to integrate. We start small, and slowly expand. We start within, and it expands. This is what we teach others; to question this within themselves, to work out what is true for them – what they know to be true.

Socrates did not like to write, this is true. But he did write some words. They were lost in a fire, but what I had read impacted me greatly – for it was not the words of an orator, nor a thinker, but divination given to him – poetic strands of wishful and ethereal observations, musings and enticements. There was little continuity, an inconsistency, but oh! such a depth of beauty and…understanding. It is this – what he was given – which, I feel, he spent his days making sense of.

I, myself, wrote differently – a reversal if you will. More akin to how you write now. I would create my understanding through the words, perhaps speaking them, perhaps not. But oh what a master he was!

His reticence at ‘recording’ his observations is perhaps his greatest wisdom. We are influenced by culture and his influence will have descended to as far as it needed to, without the ‘pushing’ of doctrines. This is why it is not my intention to ‘promote’ the book – and why you are a perfect match my dear :). But equally, without sharing our thoughts, how can we bring more light and integration of Spirit? It is my profound belief, that we can assist and help dispel some of the misery on the planet, to help people release their frustrations into joy…."