Why discover more of ourselves when we have so much to handle and manage right now?

ANSWER by Mr P: "Typically, we learn to the ability of our attention. As we close to the superfluous, we block the integration of new awareness. This is a para-normal activity and response, as much as a human one, and not always a dilemma. Evolution requires boundaries and borders in order to survive – a single continent, for instance, would not provide the required diversity needed by Planet Earth; and ‘too much too soon’ can, and will, overwhelm the senses. There is a reason the planets revolve at a continued and consistent basis.

But within the parameters of awareness enters much to be gained – and avoided. Avoidance, as a theme, is a worthwhile subject. For where is the line between natural evolution and the avoidance of self? Where do we go, when the known is not ‘working’ for us? What does it mean to avoid? …and how does this interact with the profound and life enabling quality of acceptance?

These are big questions, requiring not so big answers – for at the heart of all of them is the quest for self-love. For self-love enables the distinction between avoidance and truth.

When the tables are turned so to speak: when the question arises of ‘what do I want?’ (for in asking this question we are taking a moment in space/time to ‘halt’ the process and recalibrate the tendencies), we interact with avoidance. It would save a lot of time/space and mental effort to realize that whenever we question the Self in this way, we are prodding and expanding through avoidance. This is true. But also valuable is to know that it requires ‘attention’ – and this is the key.

‘Attention’ to the planets is what enables our observation and learning from them. Attention to our craft progresses our skill. Attention to our truth, enables our voice. It can be no other way. Avoidance is energy given to the opposing stream of reality…and this is not always a bad thing.

Awareness of the dark does not create the light, the light is always there. Awareness of avoidance, correspondingly, does not create the truth, the truth is always there. But what ignites both, light and truth, is the presence of self-love; of acceptance, comfort, compassion and desire.

Many give a lot of time, effort and attention to avoidance – and to avoiding the avoidance. Much more preferable, is to give attention (however small) to one’s truth and to what wishes to be within. Acknowledging one’s truth – with no need to express it other than enjoy it, personally and with respect – enables the ‘management’ of oneself to fall away. We – the person – no longer become ‘the work’ and peace is enabled. Through self-love, we gain attention, and in the attention we transcend ‘management’ and overload.

Self-love is often misunderstood; comes loaded with attachment and judgement and creates what can be described as no less than ‘panic’ in many. This is not the energy I speak of. Instead I suggest a gentle, more inquisitive approach: as we might tend a new-born animal perhaps. Kindness, a loving inward glance, the knowledge of one’s strength and power. This is what I call self-love.

Avoidance has its place: when time is needed. But beyond this, what can only be a momentary pause, lies the promise of oneself and all this brings. This is the beauty of life."