Why is empowerment desired?

ANSWER by Mr P:  "This is a valuable question to ask at such time in history, for as the world stands at a crux of influence, empowerment (of countries, people, the individual) is being sought.

Empowerment though is a ‘dangerous’ field to judge one’s achievements within (if 'achievements' can be a word to describe decisions). But equally so is ‘peace’ and a desire, or statement of, ‘good intentions’. For whom is empowering whom? This is a question which can never be answered; and therefore worth reflection, as it provides a safe place to discover one’s own thoughts.

Spirit, Source, one’s God, will always seek to empower an individual and so this is deemed a safe way – the absolute – to encourage freedom and belonging, which is surely the dichotomy of empowerment, no? No-one can argue this cause; there is no ‘whom’ to question or judge. But what if this idea of empowerment was not as anticipated? What if empowerment in its true sense is the removal of known freedom and belonging? What if the ‘whom’ who judges didn’t exist? Could empowerment therefore ever truly exist? Surely there would be merely ‘existence’? And what if empowerment is the step ladder to discovering just how much one can forsake in order to comply with the vision of one’s God? Could this be called a higher order or purpose of living to achieve? I think not.

So then we have the question of belief. In believing in a greater order, one automatically empowers one’s steps towards attainment.  But therein lies the doubt. For as one walks towards one guiding light, we leave behind another. It would seem empowerment is but a feeling on the route to ‘somewhere else’. Hence the never-ending journey.

Knowledge, growth, the pursuit of joy and wisdom are keys to life – a life well lived. Love, when understood, too. But much of today’s idea of growth is rooted in the flavour of self-development – of empowerment of the person, for the sake of ‘empowerment’. And eventually, one arrives back at the Self. Whom within all that busyness was empowering whom…and for what purpose?

I am an advocate of change. And belief. But not an advocate of ‘development’. It is wasted and untested (and a new term for indulgence and self-envy). These may sound harsh words, but consider the energy beneath the ideology. Life well lived is a life of contribution and care towards society, of consideration and output in terms of one’s loves and joys. All men are equal, all women too. It is a collective journey and one which provides the greatest of opportunities to become whom one truly wishes to be. But this is not empowerment; it is trust and beauty and wonder and inquisitiveness. It is gentle, obedient, humorous and impatient. It is stillness, colour, vibrancy and care. It is creative. It is everything and nothing when held lightly and with abandon. It is so much simpler than most care to believe."

This series of Q+A’s has been a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, and now it has come to a natural end. This information will remain available by Delilah, but the focus is shifting. Change comes at great speed and delivers great worth. It is the path of evolution. I look forward to conversing in the new format, as it arises.

With great love,

Mr P.