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We are energy - and so is our reality. I work with people and in organisations to help bring energetic alignment, clarity and self-awareness. Personal and professional growth relies upon integration and expansion - this is what I teach and facilitate.

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Click here to read my article published this week by Those London Chicks. It’s a subject close to my heart, personally and professionally.

I share why seeing ourselves as well, no matter our health ‘status’ is so important…and perhaps even more powerfully, how seeing others as well affects our personal approach to life.


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This month I was interviewed about ‘how to access personal ‘higher’ energy’ and my book The Teachings of Mr P by the lovely Sarah Tucker for Radio Gorgeous.

Click HERE to listen to the recording.



AN EVENING OF CONVERSATION AND VIBRATIONAL SHIFT - conversations to lift the soul and align intent.

Held at: Olympic Studios, The Meeting Room, 117-123 Church Rd, Barnes, London SW13 9HL

7.30 - 9.00pm, £20 to include glass of wine or soft drink on arrival.

Next date: TUES 14th May 2019

To book your place at EVENING SPACE, please email info@DelilahSullivan.com

For more details click HERE

Future dates: TUESDAYS 11th June, 2nd July, 10th Sept, 1st Oct, 5th Nov 2019.


Developing Creative Awareness - LEVEL 1

SAT 4th MAY 2019 or SAT 8th JUNE 2019 2.00-4.3opm Book at Bhuti.co Richmond, London. £35

This workshop focuses on developing creativity and presence. Our creativity relies upon our ability to explore and be comfortable with what lies within. We will reflect on experiences of beauty, practice compassionate integration, evaluation by self-exploration, creative resistance and release. We will explore freedom and awe, and develop presence. This is an intimate workshop with the option of a Level 2 workshop to further the expansion. 

Come as you are, with an open mind, and if wished, with ideas of a creative project or theme to explore, though this is not necessary. We will reflect, do personal note-taking and be led on a guided meditation to integrate the new awareness, leaving the workshop feeling more grounded and open, having connected to new ways of exploring inner creativity.  

Expanding Creative Awareness - LEVEL 2

SAT 6th JULY 2019 2.00-4.3opm Book at Bhuti.co Richmond, London. £35

This workshop progresses the awareness from Developing Creative Awareness Level 1 to further our creativity and presence as we continue to explore: beauty, compassionate integration, evaluation by self-exploration, creative resistance and release, awareness from 'within' the creativity, exploring freedom and awe, and developing presence. 

This is an intimate workshop open to participants of Level 1. You will leave feeling expanded and able to take the increased creativity further into your day to day and professional life. 

Transform Your Energy - and bring balance to your life

SAT 7th SEPT 2019 1.45-4.oopm Book at Bhuti.co Richmond, London. £35

Transform your energy by tuning into your personal energy field and learn ways to improve your understanding of yourself energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally. We will explore how energies affect us in daily life and learn tools to release, cleanse and enhance our energy fields, bringing us into greater balance and love.


Monthly Energy Tune-up & Intention Meditation. (DAYTIME and EVENING classes from January) Come and be re-calibrated for the best month ahead. Book at Bhuti.co Richmond, London. £18 (free to Bhuti members). No previous attendance needed.

MAY 2019: TUES 7th MAY 2.00pm-3.00pm or WED 8th MAY 7.00-8.00pm

JUNE 2019 TUES 4th JUNE 2.00pm-3.00pm or WED 5th JUNE 7.00-8.00pm

…and each month of the year.


TRUST IS ESSENTIAL. Click HERE to read my post on understanding trust.

Trust is not just essential, also it is creative, enlivening, exciting. It emboldens and gives enormous power to our thoughts – it creates power, opening doors and completing unfinished dreams. We become able to voice our truth…and to transcend our fears. It is soft, subtle and persuasive. When we have trust our conscience won’t let us sit idly by. We become active. Our heart and soul call us forward. We become the change.



Cosmology of the Senses is the title of a paper being channeled to me by the Spirit of Plato. It is written as a general interest paper and intended to open further discussion within the scientific communities upon the benefits of inner awareness, bodily-senses and perception-senses in the ambitions and process of scientific research and growth.

The project has been paused to invite questions specifically on this subject and to the Spirit of Plato for consideration and inclusion within the remaining chapters. If you would like a draft copy of the paper, and to submit comments, review or questions, please contact me at info@DelilahSullivan.com and I will send a copy to you. It is through independent contribution we can gain as broad a perspective as possible, so please do get in touch if of interest to you.


Many of you will know I am passionate about wellbeing and interpretations and perceptions around wellness. Nothing gives me more pleasure than when a client or friend begins to see their challenge as a powerful gift of growth and beauty. The following article is one such example…humble, inclusive and progressive. The author passed soon after it’s publication, which makes it even more inspiring. It’s a viewpoint I resonate with deeply and am keen to share as I believe the future of our healthcare and wellbeing relies upon it’s inclusion. LINK: ‘Health and Wholeness’ by Neil May MBE from Paradigm Explorer by the Scientific and Medical Network. (You may wish to read Neil’s obituary HERE…such a wonderful contribution!)

"Our greatest potential relies upon our deepest truth." - The Spirit of Plato