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“Would you like greater well-being, trust and clarity in, and for, your life?"
“Are you seeking balance, management of your energies and the ability to live your potential?”
"Is it time for more joy and ease? To enjoy yourself and others more?"

Welcome to my site, the place I share my writing and insights.

I am passionate about helping people see the bigger picture so they can come to a more aligned place within. When we open our minds we become more alive, and our bodies will always guide us - they are such wonderful story-tellers if we listen! Primarily I love working with people, facilitating what wishes to be revealed and assisting the integration and expansion. But I also write - lots!

On this site you will find the Energy Index - a list of energetic ailments and dispositions, and ways to alleviate and understand them. I also share guidance - examples of lessons I have learned, observed or which have been given to me. Mostly I encourage you to take what is useful and to share if you feel compelled.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. Modern spirituality is inclusive and engaging. The more we converse, the more we learn.

With love,



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Spirituality in the workplace

The world is changing. We are becoming increasingly conscious, connected and sensitive to each other. Home-life doesn't end at home and work-life encompasses our purpose and desires. Sometimes clarity is needed...a different perspective. The picture is bigger than we are probably seeing. Money isn't everything...and balance can seem elusive. Understanding the inter-connected'ness of life and how our energies and the energies of others affect our well-being, performance and contribution is essential to a thriving business.

If you would like to introduce energy-awareness and spiritual mentoring to your workplace, let's start a discussion.

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If you would like to discover how we might work together, please click HERE for details and prices.  I offer Spiritual Mentoring, Whole-body and Medical Coaching and Energy Awareness Sessions and Workshops, I work privately and in the corporate sector with leadership teams and individuals transitioning through or back to work. Within the work I do, I bring awareness to what your body wishes to share with you - the energies it wishes to release and the hidden secrets that you can discover the expanded spirit of who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.