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We are energy - and so is our reality. I work with people and in organisations to help bring energetic alignment, clarity and self-awareness. Personal and professional growth relies upon integration and expansion - this is what I teach and facilitate.

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Last week's energy tip was to cultivate our presence through stillness. This week, I invite you to practice seeing and feeling your presence - and therefore impact - in the world. Each thought, action and movement emits a vibration into the atmosphere we collectively live in (consider the butterfly effect).

Are we part of the destruction of the planet, or are we part of it's ecological and environmental growth? - and therefore, are 'you' mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually growing or destroying yourself? Remember... The 'thought' of wanting to be present is almost as powerful as 'being' present - and the smallest of actions and choices has enormous powerful and cumulative effect.

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I offer Energy Awareness sessions for individuals and organisations. Whether it’s your business strategy or staff wellbeing, a personal energy management session can be invaluable in sealing the energy leakages, identifying powerful energy visions (personally and corporately) and creating practical energy fundamentals.

Available in person or by Skype/FT.

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WORKSHOP: Transform Your Energy - and bring balance to your life

SAT 7th SEPT 2019 1.45-4.oopm Book at Bhuti.co Richmond, London. £35

Transform your energy by tuning into your personal energy field and learn ways to improve your understanding of yourself energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally. We will explore how energies affect us in daily life and learn tools to release, cleanse and enhance our energy fields, bringing us into greater balance and love.


Episode 27: ‘Is life predestined?

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A summer of nature and exploring life and it’s meaning whilst coming into greater energetic alignment. Learn tools, create understanding and absorb the beauty of nature and the grounding earth. Awaken to what’s possible and calling your deeper self.

For JULY and AUGUST, I am offering Walk and Talks in Richmond Park and Central London. Summer special price of £80 for 90 minutes (usual price: £150). Limited Places.

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WEEKLY PASSAGE from The Teachings of Mr P:

When grounded in awareness without mind chatter, choices naturally arise. Indeed as one becomes more and more grounded in awareness, one comes to realise life is indeed one big playground of choices! Life becomes one big ‘Wow‘.”

Page 33 The Teachings of Mr P.



See Right Ankle and Foot Disjointment, and:

Disjointed alignment to the left ankle and foot is significant of a ‘left field blindness’. We all have a ‘left-field’ side to us – the alternative persona we might, or might have, become. The alter-ego, the shadow, the ‘other version’ of us we might have created had things been different or become different. This left-field aspect is vital to our well-being, helping us to navigate in the world. It creates the contrast and reflection which enables us to make decisions and connect with who we are. Without the ‘out-there’ to contain us, we cannot feel who we are or become humble to ourselves. Left foot and ankle disjointedness indicates a resistance to acknowledging the compassion and humility we feel and need towards ourselves. Through compassion we acknowledge our frailty and through our vulnerability to what could be or could have been, we create inner strength and alignment of who we are, and where we wish to go. The contrast creates the direction and recognition of self.

To balance both ankles and feet, bring awareness to the self, to the promise which having two feet on this planet brings us. Take your rightful place - stand upon your feet, upon the earth - and see yourself as divinely and beautifully present to this life we have. Forward movement will happen by itself. Own your feet. Own your walk.

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Click here to read my article published by Those London Chicks. It’s a subject close to my heart, personally and professionally.

I share why seeing ourselves as well, no matter our health ‘status’ is so important…and perhaps even more powerfully, how seeing others as well affects our personal approach to life.


Delilah Is a Corporate and Personal Advisor working one-to-one with individuals and in organisations. If you would like to work with Delilah, please contact her at info@DelilahSullivan.com or click HERE.

Delilah includes (where applicable): Personal Energy Management, Business Coaching, Medical Coaching, Corporate Consultancy and Mentoring, Spiritual Direction and Mindfulness combined with 20+ years experience working in SME business and finance in Fashion and Media sectors. She holds private one-to-one sessions, workshops, talks and works intensely with individuals on daily rate basis for those wishing greater integration and delivery.

"Our greatest potential relies upon our deepest truth." - The Spirit of Plato