Energetically, the solar plexus governs our experience of time and space. Notice how the area around your middle feels right now (front and back). Tune into it and listen to what it’s telling you. A powerful, open, protected solar plexus gives power to the heart area and heart energy - and helps keep us in the present moment.


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Our Trees Are In Crisis And Need Our Help.

I have a new campaign I am very passionate and excited about. Click HERE to read details and get involved. This is a collaboration! And please follow on Instagram @TreesForBeauty

UPCOMING WALK: SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2019 - Richmond Park, London. 9.30am start - approx 11.30am. £10 per person - all proceeds towards planting a tree per person (and more!) in the Caledonian Forest, UK. (Message on Instagram @treesforbeauty or email to info@DelilahSullivan.com to register attendance and receive full location details).

"Think of Delilah as the energy version of a financial advisor!”

Suzanne Duckett - Journalist, Author; for Tatler, The Times, The Wall Street Journal.