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What you see and believe as your power or power-source may, in fact, not be so. Often, as we change, adapt and grow, our connection to our power can become a little 'out-of-date'. Take time to reassess your evolving power and energy needs. The invisible is often more powerful than we give it credit for. What actually motivates you?

I encourage gentle reflection on this for the next few days.

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I offer Energy Awareness sessions for individuals and organisations. Whether it’s your business strategy or staff wellbeing, a personal energy management session can be invaluable in sealing the energy leakages, identifying powerful energy visions (personally and corporately) and creating practical energy fundamentals.

Available in person or by Skype/FT.

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Episode 40: ‘How can I decide what has priority in my day, especially when there is so much I wish to do?

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A summer of nature and exploring life and it’s meaning whilst coming into greater energetic alignment. Learn tools, create understanding and absorb the beauty of nature and the grounding earth. Awaken to what’s possible and calling your deeper self.

For JULY and AUGUST, I am offering Walk and Talks in Richmond Park and Central London. Summer special price of £80 for 90 minutes of guided walking. Limited Places.

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WEEKLY PASSAGE from The Teachings of Mr P:

' …to walk along one’s path by oneself, without one’s tribe is always a risk. It requires great awareness to hold one’s nerve and to trust the beckoning unknown. And this awareness is moment-to-moment awareness – so that the virtuous response or action can be made. The risk I speak of is that of ‘regretting’ one’s direction, for once one takes this path, there is no ‘return’. For the practice of a virtuous life becomes one’s highest desire, above all else. And so, as all feeds into one’s path to support this self-expression, the risk of tumbling becomes at once inconsequential and man’s overriding concern. It is the flip side of the coin, for there is always contrast…' Page 181 The Teachings of Mr P.



The lower back is the source of much confusion, and…discrimination. It is seen as ‘support’ and an ‘enabler’ of movement and agility, but truthfully, this comes from the general pelvic area. A strong pelvic area is the provider of support and good stance. The lower back will flare when rejected emotions are ‘pushed back’ and, not suppressed, but discredited. The common ‘lack of support’ diagnosis corresponds well with the emotions pushed to the rear; for support is always from the heart. Emotions ‘operate’ from the solar plexus – a breeding ground and natural homing place for them…and when they consume lots of space it will be the case of whichever shouts the loudest will get prime position. The more ‘feeble’ or invisible of emotions, pushed to the rear. But all emotions are of equal strength in potential, and so they will make themselves known. This is certain.

The emotions which are being ‘pushed back’ are not being supported – this is true. But emotions in fact only want to be heard. They have no other agenda for it is the awareness the emotions bring which create action, thought and movement. If experiencing pain of the lower back, delve into the emotion – release it and allow the awareness to create the resulting effect. Do this by bringing the energy forward – integrate it into the solar plexus: the opposite of the instinct or tendency to ‘push it away’. Hear it, allow it, integrate it. In time, this act of permission will in itself solve the discomfort.

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Click here to read my article published by Those London Chicks. It’s a subject close to my heart, personally and professionally.

I share why seeing ourselves as well, no matter our health ‘status’ is so important…and perhaps even more powerfully, how seeing others as well affects our personal approach to life.



Delilah Is a Corporate and Personal Advisor working one-to-one with individuals and in organisations. If you would like to work with Delilah, please contact her at info@DelilahSullivan.com or click HERE.

Delilah includes (where applicable): Personal Energy Management, Business Coaching, Medical Coaching, Corporate Consultancy and Mentoring, Spiritual Direction and Mindfulness combined with 20+ years experience working in SME business and finance in Fashion and Media sectors. She holds private one-to-one sessions, workshops, talks and works intensely with individuals on daily rate basis for those wishing greater integration and delivery.

"Our greatest potential relies upon our deepest truth." - The Spirit of Plato