trust.  connection.  alignment.

Trust. Connection. Alignment.  Three words which are integral to my life and teaching. But more than the words themselves, it’s the energy of what each brings which creates the meaning and transformation. 

When we open to new ideas and realities, our psyche and awareness expands bringing potential for more love, joy and freedom. As we connect with our own energies more, we also connect more with those around us; with increased compassion and strength.

I help people understand, move through and ignite their energies - to come into greater alignment with the rapidly changing world we live in. 

Enjoy my website and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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NEW! Spirit Well-Being Podcast.

A collection of easy conversations with lovely guests. 

Episode 1 features well-known journalist Suzanne Duckett as we delve into my journey from cancer to channeling. In Episode 2 fitness specialist Jane Wake and I discuss the beauty and functionality of optimised movement, and in Episode 3 Andy Solman and I discuss heart-centered communication within ourselves and the organisation.

Click HERE to listen..


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Inspire your Spirit.

Summer sessions

Available during July and August: one-to-one Spiritual Mentoring Sessions by Skype/FaceTime and Personal Channeled Readings. Contact me to find out more. (Channeled readings priced at £150 to include written download followed by 30 min Skype/FT call, Spiritual Mentoring priced at £120 for 75 mins).


within CORPORATE & work environments

I am passionate about life - the energy and spirit of who we are - and integrating spiritual well-being and wisdom into our daily lives...including our working life. Soul growth, an energized spirit and a grounded, inspired sense of belonging are essential for a fulfilling and productive environment. Meaningful interactions lead to connection with others. Aligned purpose, contribution, trust are all available...but the awareness and ignition happens within. Even...especially, at work.

I create tailor-made packages which work for the individuals and the organisation; to identify intention and ensure each contributor gets what he or she needs in order to close the gaps and prevent leakages. Energetic drag hinders an otherwise successful organisation from reaching its potential. Individuals need to cultivate, not lose, energy and passion. By aligning the energies and vision of the individuals and teams, with the energies and vision of the organisation, relativity and creativity ensue.

Areas of Focus and Attention →

  • Development and expansion within the workplace.
  • Streamlining energy and intentions.
  • Creating a common vision and integrated alignment.
  • Stabilizing the infrastructure through a common ‘base-state’.
  • Releasing past and excess energies.
  • Bringing a renewed spirit and sense of belonging to the workplace.
  • Managing stress and personal issues.
  • Creating methods to capture inspiration.
  • Promoting the total well-being of the individual and the organisation.

Package Outline →

Each organisation is unique and packages are tailor-made. Options could include or be a combination of:

  • 1 day team/organisation awareness & alignment workshop
  • Individual 1-1 mentoring and supportive/clarifying/leadership sessions
  • Team half-days to further knowledge and application of learning
  • Well-being / energy awareness and resilience workshops
  • Return to work integration sessions

And Flow.... weekly tips to keep you grounded and present

"When we understand ourselves, we understand others. When we love ourselves, we can love others. Kindness, tolerance, expansion, balance - all available when we experience them within."