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We are energy - and so is our reality. I work with people and in organisations to help bring energetic alignment, clarity and self-awareness. Personal and professional growth relies upon integration and expansion - this is what I teach and facilitate.

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Noticing joy - soaking it up when we see it - is a free and priceless act we can do for ourselves. It will always give us (and others) energy and it helps re-align our inner psyche. Rather than trying to 'empty the mind', practice noticing moments of joy and beauty instead. Fill yourself with them.

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Click here to read my article published by Those London Chicks. It’s a subject close to my heart, personally and professionally.

I share why seeing ourselves as well, no matter our health ‘status’ is so important…and perhaps even more powerfully, how seeing others as well affects our personal approach to life.


Episode 32: ‘Is it spiritually OK to express anger?’

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Tightness within the jaw area will tighten all surrounding areas. And tightness of the jaw can only be a result of restriction of thought. Commonly it is considered to be a denial of voice, of expression, but more accurate would be a denial of truthful thought. Something within is not being acknowledged – the denial is to oneself. The more the mind and heart (and therefore the ego) refuses to hear the personal truth, the tighter the jaw will become in attempt to restrain the subconscious. Eventually, the shoulders and neck, in support, tighten too. The answer? To release the pressure by, simply, acknowledging a truth wishes to emerge. No more, at this stage, needs doing – other than maintaining the space and intention – as the permission for the truth (the acknowledgement) to emerge will enable its passing. Conscious release of physical tension will support the process, re-enforcing the permission. Self-kindness, at this time, also an important soothe.

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QUOTE from The Teachings of Mr P:

'Did he or she lead a good life? An enjoyable and purposeful life, spreading love and joy? A life another would be happy living? Did this person cause learning and comfort to flow from their very being? To inspire and receive gratitude? To provoke thought and discussions? Reflection and diversity?'



Delilah works with individuals privately and in the workplace. She offers talks and workshops to organisations, alongside business, energy and well-being coaching, mentoring and consultancy.

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"Our greatest potential relies upon our deepest truth." - The Spirit of Plato